What are the worse things about having schizophrenia?

worst thing for me is what should be a delusion seems like completely fact. I believe with my heart things that are outlandish but to me i know they’re true so its not that bad. please don’t flag me

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Yes I feel soo lonely too. And feel like I can never get a head due to this illness.

being so goddamn paranoid and mistrustful of people


Yeah I want friends b/c I’m lonely, but last few have used me and I lost money and found out they were not good friends.

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The lack of success

Most of normis don’t have success either

I have a higher than average IQ with sz. It’s a lie that we have lower. Our brains are so creative and complex, we create dimensions that ever evolve

Statistically it is lower.


The constant lack of motivation is the worst for me. Struggling to clean my house and being unable to work or study for long.


Negatives and paranoia are the worst…


That you cannot be professional artist or player
That you cannot have good career

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Charles Manson did it lol

Wrote for the Beach Boys

My bad memory. I used to read a text book and remember all the information. Now I can barely remember what day of the week it is.


I was a professional poet but now I don’t have inspiration anymore…


Same boat :’( ,

Persecution by liars and dumb people and alot of illegal discrimination

should’ve stayed in one type of work…otherwise not at all…had a laugh all the time

Getting answers to schizophrenia. Why? Is it selfinflicted? Where the voices come from and the religious aspect. Is it from God ? Am i born with it? Is there recovery? And the path of my schizophrenia being misunderstood. Outbreaks of anger. Selfsabotage.

Paranoia delusions. Not knowing when my illness will show up at the wrong time. Sleepless nights

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