Were any of you any good with the opposite sex


I was bloody awful,

it probably explains why Im still a virgin!


I was a charismatic child and teen. I did well with both sexes.


boyfriends as buddies only unless it was a runaway husband. I’m apologetic about my young sex life now.


I am kind of reserved with strangers of both sexes, but I tend to trust females more in non romantic situations


I did the prostitute thing once and that actually went pretty well. And kind of had sex with a girl in college once. I wasn’t drunk or anything but not sure if it counts or not (don’t ask), but other than that definitely not. Girls seem to like me at first and then end up purposely sabotaging my life it seems by telling me to do drugs and drink and then leave me in the dust when it ruins my life.


I’m good with all genders once I get to know them, though I’m equally awkward with everyone when first meeting them. I warm up quickly, though. But in a large group setting, forget it. Unless I know everyone there, I find a corner and hide.

As for the amorous side of things, I seem to have better luck with men than women. I think I’m aesthetically attracted to women, but when it comes to romance or actual sex, I lose interest. Men I’m more attracted to emotionally, and I don’t really care about physical appearance as much. Though some well-toned back muscles are definitely a turn-on :blush:


I was having anxiety talking with a woman, during my worst anxiety times i managed to have 2 girlfriends, now 70% of my anxiety has reduced, and i havent look to find a girlfriend, because this past several months i was going through withdrawal symptoms, i will give another 3 weeks, to make shure withdrawals are gone and my brain balances to a lower dose, than i will go online dating sites and date.


Yes I was very good with the opposite sex. with more than I’d like to admit. oh well, blame it on schizophrenia. haha…


With 3 older brothers, I didn’t have a chance to have a boyfriend. Said I’d never date one of their friends (which was 99% of the schools) and the 1% were harrassed and humiliated (in front of me) if I tried walking to or from home from school with them.
I did get to go for a date at age 13(!) with a 25 year old lifeguard from our local pool where I swam everyday in the summer.Can’t believe my mom let me, but it was only for a motorcycle ride and an ice cream cone from baskin robbins. After the ride and ice cream we rode over to his house and when he saw the light on inside he wasn’t happy because his roommate came home early. I mentioned that I should be getting home, because it was getting past my bed time and I had school the next day (10 PM was standard, but not the rule).
He looked suprized and asked what school I went to.
When I told him the jr high school, he did a double take and thn asked my age.
I’ll never forget that look of shock when I said 13. I was home in less than 5 minutes! He had thought I was around 20!
I guess I was mature acting for my age because it wasn’t the first time I’d been mistaken for older by the over 20 males.


i was hopeless…
take care :alien:


I used to be great. I was a tomboy until middle school, and most of my friends were guys. Even in middle school I got along really well with guys. Then in high school I started getting really flustered with guys I found attractive and I’d have problems with blanking out and not knowing what to say. Now I’m even worse with guys because of my hallucinations of sexual abuse and the strong desire to avoid all things sexual, thus I don’t want to lead anyone on so I generally avoid socialization with guys completely unless I know they won’t have interest in me, like if they’re dating my friends, or if they’re gay I get along with them pretty well.

I just really wish I could get over the whole horrified of having to engage in any slight sexual activity thing. I feel like that’s the only thing holding me back now.


I was rather inept


When I was drinking heavily and using drugs… I thought I was great with both sexes. I was sure I was irresistible. But of course… the harsh light of sober… I was a mess.

I don’t think I have any great moves now. I do genuinely like people and try to be nice to people.


I wouldn’t say so. It took A LOT of work and effort to get anywhere with a girl I liked or was attracted too. I remember many years ago asking this older girl out on a date that I met in a vocational program. It took several phone falls back and forth and I remember thinking, “This whole thing is like I’m asking her to marry me”. It was that hard and she took so long to agree. I had occasional luck with girls when I was addicted to crack but it was my version of “liquid courage” (in my case powder) that got me anywhere. No I’m not good with women though at work I find myself saying “Hi” and carrying on little conversations with some of the female soldiers. It doesn’t sound like much but it’s better than when I was in high school and I didn’t say two words to any girl for four years! I do kind of like the fact that the FEW dates I went out on years ago were with attractive women.


I used to be very gentle with women the reason why I had so many successful relations before my onset. Not now sure thing.


I never dated the people that I was genuinely attracted to. I usually just date the friend of the person I found attractive. The guys I liked were usually in relationships already, so I was just waiting for them to break up.

For instance, I had a short conversation with a guy from my math class several weeks ago and I developed a bit of a crush. Today he asked if I was okay when I had a severe coughing spell in class (super attractive of me) and he asked if I was okay. This caused the crush fires to start burning again which is the worst timing with finals right around the corner. I think I’m recovering okay though.

I’m good at reeling them in, it’s getting them on the hook that’s the problem.


ive always been sensitive and shy when I was at school id blush a lot especially around boys I actually liked. I never really fit in anywhere a loti always fit in a little it in lots of places.


Was I any good with the opposite sex? That’s a good question. The answer is no, I was naive and pathetic until I was 20 1/2, I met a crazy girl, we clicked. I was defeated and hopeless and afraid until I met a girl who was batshit crazy, she didnt break eye contact with me for a solid two hours and we talked about our disorders. The next day we started ahem frolicking, it was her idea, and then we agreed to do so on a schedule casually but exclusively. I got over my fear of young women.

Now I am not exactly great with women, I guess I am decent because I have somehow land them in bed with me? I think I scare them or disgust some of them. But some of them have wanted me, so that is that. I might add that I probably am a pretty ideal casual partner- preoccupied with being crazy and school, muscular, doesnt get emotionally attached, gets along great with people with disorders, ugh, I hate myself.

No I used to be absolutely terrible with girls. Like pathetic.

I had one girlfriend in high school, she had issues, we got along, but I was afraid to kiss her and it fizzled out. I actually had a coffee with her this spring and kissed her. Everyone from my high school heard about my falling from reality and climbing my way back up to come out stronger, she messaged me with a paragraph of text in February saying all of this apologetic stuff. Oh well, I kissed her and treated her gentlemanly, like I did when I was a nutter in my senior year of high school. We had gone to prom together and stuff. We were an awkward item, both of us were respected for being excellent at what we did (she was an artist) but everyone knew we were strange birds. I was too psychotic to want to get close to her, it was actually pretty sad. She said she remembered me telling her that I had something wrong with my but didnt know what it was during a walk through a park. Well now I know what was wrong.


i would say i wasnt great but women like me because i am funny , genuine and good looking


mortimouse your first grlfriends terrfies me 2 hour eye contact woman ahhhhhh! run away LOL