In the days of yore

When you’re in high school most people want to lose their virginity and I was no exception. My friends were way ahead of me but I won’t give details. In my four years of high school I could not even talk to women, I said two words a couple of times and the best thing twat happened to me my senior year is when one of the prettiest girls in my school smiled and said “Hi” to me and I said “Hi” back. I will give her the benefit of the doubt and hope she was sincere but it was a little possible that maybe she was putting me on.

Anyways, yadda, yadda, yadda, I was a 19 year old virgin and I read an article in the newspaper about surrogate sex partners. These woman were hired in some hospitals to de-virginize guys. They were not hookers or anything, this was perfectly legitimate and legal. They were willing to have intercourse with young males and “show them the ropes” and be kind and sensitive to the situation

I’m not making this stuff up, in fact years later I met some guy who had used this service before. But I was REALLY interested in this at age 19 because if you’re a 19 year old virgin you think about sex a lot and it looks bad to your friends to be a virgin. Anyways, the hospital near me had these women and I asked my doctor about it but I never followed up on it. I am just posting this because it popped into my head a minute ago and it could possibly help some guys on here. Good luck and don’t wear too much cologne.

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I’m soon to be a 19 year old virgin. In 2 and a half months.

name names! lol, just kidding. i never really got any vibe like that from dudes here. or maybe i miss their posts/threads because they suddenly mysteriously disappear. lol lol.