The debs, graduations from school

looking back i heard my school yard sweet heart wanted me too go with her, but at the time i was too lost and shy to accept, i feel sad now looking back, but on the other side of the coin i have matured, like a fine cheese

did you go on youre debs?

It has been long time already since I graduated from the high school in 1986, but I had few girlfriends during those years. Once I had a girlfriend who had a girlfriend and they were perverts and sometimes read me some short stories of one book where people were engaged in group sex. I do not know if they tried to make me to participate in their sexual adventures, but I was too unexperienced and shy at the time and did not go in their directions.

I have had similar experiences also later. During my university years I visited Paris once and there I met two women who stayed in the hotel room next to mine. Once we went to a walk in the Pigalle area of Paris and after this walk we went to their hotel room and drank some red wine. Soon they wanted to have sex with me, two women and myself, but again I was too unexperienced and decided to go to my hotel room. Never know what would have happened.


hahahaha you said no to two women?! :innocent:

Yes, I was just too unexperienced and maybe too young also.

is there such a thing as unexperienced? you got your chance, rock it my friend!!

@mjseu like me you were too ‘‘innocent’’

i understand you fully. you probably didnt want to upset the women by performing a bad job, right?

@danddolo what would be a bad job in youre opinion?

No, I do not think that was it, I was not used to this type of sexual activities, later I have thought that I should have had sex with them, have a different type of sexual adventure.

like finishing prematurely. i could imagine the pressure and excitement of two women being intense. its like they dont really need you beside them they can handle themselves without you.

but why call it ‘unexperienced’ then? unexperienced heavily implies that youre bad at it. ‘not used to it’ says the same thing.

Not used to be in the bed with two women and have sex with them. As I recall from my Paris experience, one of these women was married and when I did not have sex with them, this woman just said ‘you get always when you are married’. :smile:

wow man not only was she bisexual, she wanted to have a threeway and on top of that was married to somebody else and thus was commiting adultery. sounds like youve met some interesting people in life. was she atleast good looking? or is the reason she didnt get sex from her husband?

was sodam and gorrahem destroyed for orgies? idk

Both were quite good looking. My sexual activities in the past have been quite international, I had at the first time sex with Olga in Moscow, in the Soviet Union and then of course, I was married to an American woman and we had a 11-year relationship. Once during my university years I was ready to watch a French sexual movie Emanuelle with one of my girlfriends, but unluckily her father came too early to get her back to her home. Things like that.

i believe the original mythology behind sodom and gomorrah was that they were a city of homosexuals who didnt like women but were very much interested in men. the story in the book of genesis says that they prefered to have group sex with 2 males(angels) instead of having sex with 2 female virgins(the virgin daugthers of Lot).
later these city were imagined as having had all kind of sinful sexual abonormalities such as group sex, gay sex, sex with animals, lesbianism etc. basically anything that is against traditional heterosexual sex in a marriage.

opps it was because they were unrightious

which of all the females you had do you consider to have been the best? sounds like the french girl was too young to watch the movie. man, are you sure youre dating the right age?

No she was not a French girl, but Finnish, the movie was french, she was well over 18, one year younger than I was.

that too. but the genesis account doesnt deal with their righteousness as much as with their sexual preference of the angels instead of the virgins.
or was there another reason to burn the cities which i didnt catch? Lot was the only guy who out of hospitality took the angels in. so are you saying the other people were unrightious because they had no sense of hospitality for the angels?