Well, god is just evil i guess

It’s the only explanation really.

The source of all things is simply evil.

A complete scumbag actually.

These guys, they were the first to exist, they were part of a world that always had been. Nothing could have been without them. And you know what that means, these mo fos are evil as ■■■■!

I suppose it was quite obvious, how could i not have seen it before.

God, the source of all dimensions, creator of all, is just an evil ■■■■■■■■.

Well, im done.


There are a lot of things that go on in the world and that have happened in history to make me wonder about the nature of God. If God is omnipotent it must be his will that such things happen. Too many horrible things happen, and God is the only entity I can think of to blame for them. Still, I sometimes can’t help but think that God is a benevolent God, in spite of all the terrible things that happen.

or that there is nothing called as GOD as such in existence.

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The question is flawed…

Whenever tragedy/pain/mishap occurs we curse God. “How could a God let this happen??”

But the reverse never happens. How often have you heard someone yell…

“How could the Devil allow me to enjoy this beautiful sunset, or the birth of my child??”

Go figure…


Interesting. That’s a new argument to me.

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a beautiful sunset or anything beautiful on this earth can be because existence itself is beautiful. Nothing to do with someone called as God.

Most people have sometimes tried to get a connection to the other side, well God hasn’t appear in my mind but some evil creatures DID! And now they won’t go away. Boooo!

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i dont blame anyone or any thing, i just accept and try to deal, i think it is better this way.

it is as it is


Theres both good and evil in this world…more of the latter (unfortunately)…most humans are ignorant to notice this simple fact…which pretty much discounts the existence of a God.

They are real man.

And they must be malevolent. Liars and psychopaths.

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I wish I could explain it you @pansdisease

its all in the mind and heart.

EVEN SZ - Its all in the Mind and in the Heart (In the Heart mostly)…you clear up your heart and the disease will dissapear.

No med would help with it

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They most certainly are not worthy i’ve praise id agree at this point.

We’re talking incompetant or just plain evil basically.

They is very real though these eternal ones, they are the source of all and are obviously just assholes basically.

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Jesus said, “I am not of this world” and the devil tempted Jesus with all the kingdoms on earth. Therefore this is the devils world. It also says in the bible that God allows evil so that good can come from it. this doesn’t apply to the Holocaust or world hunger, etc. but I think this world is ran by the devil so awful things happen in it. I am sorry you think God is evil. God is good as far as I can see.

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have you never experienced a sense of “good feeling” from being “evil”? i think all of those soldiers/criminals/bandits in history have had this feeling one way or another. i cant explain why they did what they did otherwise.

I theorize that God allows unlimited evil by man for the purpose of fair play to also allow unlimited good from man. If there is indeed a war between good and evil then good would play by the rules in nature and if evil has no limit and God creates the rules then our goodness is also unlimited.

Here, ill prove it, god is evil:


God is so awesome that He gives us free will. We cause the things that happen here. It always surprises me when someone says that God is evil. Why bother to believe in an evil God? I believe in a gracious and patient loving God who gives us the freedom to make choices. If God was evil, like I admittedly am in my thoughts sometimes, especially while driving in traffic, He would obliterate the human race from the face of the earth because so many people are so ungrateful, selfish and cruel, etc. But wait, that wouldn’t be evil, that would be sensible. I’ve been treated miserably and have experienced some heavy ●●●● in this life because other people chose to abuse me, and because I made some bad choices. Not a second of it was God’s fault.

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its not the devils business , no moe than its gods business