Why is there so much evil in the world?

why?, there seems to be no reason for it, bad things happen to good people :frowning:

but why? why does it have to be this way and

isnt there anything we can do about it?

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It’s a sick world. Sometimes I wish I had no access to news and such.
I believe it boils down to one thing. Fear. We live in a fear based society.

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I think its gotten a lot better in the past 100, 500 and 1,000 years. Not sure how you define evil - but if you mean bad things happening to good people - its gotten way better, and the trend is very positive.

The average lifespan used to be in the late 20s - now its something like 79 years.

Things aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination - but the trend is very good. Fewer world wars, fewer major epidemics, … much better life quality than before:


means we have more time to feel like ■■■■ lol,

mental illness is ■■■■, i just wish it would go away and stop bothering us

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I ignore evil. Feel more at peace that way. For instance I won’t watch gory films. I’m not saying gory movies are evil, but why welcome violence into your mind? I imagined many evil things while I was sick because of the influence of the spirit world being opened to me. I am healed but I don’t know how to erase the evil images. they lessen with time…they aren’t near as horrid as when they were fresh in my mind…I generally stay focused on positive things to be delivered from evil.

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I don’t watch gory movies, either, jukebox. I don’t know if they promote evil. I do not know they promote thoughts and images in your mind that are not beneficial for your peace of mind, well-being, or Spirit. I have noticed an increase in gore on television in the past twenty or so years and I am tragically sickened.

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don’t fear evil, good will overcome evil in the end, but right now things are really crazy out there…so, I ignore it. completely.

doesnt have to be religious, its just anything bad really

it sometimes creeps up on you and bites you in the arse :frowning:

its not just me, its other people as well

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There is a lot of good in the world too. Scientists have labored their lives away in some lonely lab developing the vaccines for the diseases that have ravaged humanity - the plague, smallpox, measles, polio. They’ve saved millions of lives doing that. There has been a lot of labor to make life better for everyone. Evil is real. Evil is strong, but we’re overcoming some of the worst problems for humanity.

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I agree with the admin, things are getting better and better. The bad things nowadays are just more publicized so sometimes i seems like things are getting worse, but the opposite is true.

When i read this post’s headline, this song popped into my head:

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there is no such thing as a perfect society, or a perfect person

nobody is perfect, there is always bad things happening

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They are disposed equally its just that evil has a better propaganda.


what are you taking about?

its simple really- ‘BAD ■■■■ HAPPENS’

Let me be simple.
How many times did you hear a good/positive stuff in media? What about bad ones?
Catastrophes, murders, diseases.
Evil sells.

evil begets evil, evil feeds evil, sucks the life out of you and others,

cant turn a blind eye though i guess

Well according to Greek mythology, this is all Pandora’s fault for she is the one who let all the troubles out of the box and set them loos upon the Earth. So that is probably one of the earliest reasons for it being the way it is still today. Then of course we have the story of how Adam and Eve were told not to eat the fruit of a certain tree in the garden of Eden but did anyway and we are presumed guilty on their behalf . Then you have another story from the same bible blaming it all on some fallen angle character who was so jealous of God that he tried to boot him from office but failed and wound up on Earth with all his cohorts who are just trying to give God a bad name. So take your pick. Otherwise you can just make something up yourself like I did. Whatever works best for you in dealing with it.


debating good and evil major debates I don’t know.

just evil, not good basically,

but then why debate one without the other? i guess

buddist say life is suffering we get old and get pain etc they try to train the mind.
people can be down right ignorant clicquey bastards but don’t let them get you down!

In The Start Of Creation There Was A Great Individual Who Said ,

" Let There be Light "

(Part 2) -

" This Too Shall Pass " …
Sadly It SPLITS ,

Into A Peace Sign ,


Into Two Paths To Choose ,


Tha Split Is Dangerous and Only Jesus Can Forgive ,

" this too shall pass " ,

The Pathways Can Go On and On and On ,

Into A Desert Of Nothingness ,

and All That “passed” Throo ,

Are Gone Forever ,

So It Goes Like Thus ,

" let there be light "


" this Too Shall Pass " …

But Happily & Also Sadly For Some ,

No One Gets Hurt ,

and By Then No One Will Feel A Thing ,

Pain OR Pleasure ,

and Finally We All Can Meet Again ,

As Plastic Puppets On Lonli Strings ,

" I would walk 500 miles " ,

and Get Inside That Maze ,

and Lyke Has Been Said Since The Start ,

Common Sense Says

“It Hurts” …

(thee end)


(a New Start)

“this Too Shall Pass”


" Let there be light " …


I Have No Idea What Im Talking About ,

Im Bored And Will Never Know Why …

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