Can you forgive god?

I couldn’t provided he were real.

I would not be able to forgive him.

If he is the maker then it’s his fault.

Could you forgive him?


I think if god spoke to me he would say something to counter that argument far beyond anything i could,

But I would ask him “why me” and just like anyone else with an ailment or hardship I think he would have an answer,

But I guess it might fall on deaf ears esp if you do not believe.

Eh… sure why not.


I have a loving wife. A beautiful daughter. Friends and family. A community that welcomes me and my contributions.

What is there to forgive?

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada.



We’ll I don’t know how terrible things that happen to good people can be justified. How can it be explained

God sends good and makes good from what evil throws on people…It is not God’s fault bad things happen…be mad at the evil in the world, not the Good.

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But who wins in the end

Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?
Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?


spoken like a true atheist…I shouldn’t have said anything.

I don’t believe is god
I don’t not believe there is. God
I do not know because god made it a mystery
But it’s obvious that there is good and evil

This is a good question.

I think that my nature would want to forgive, to try to understand, but I would never trust them. Why make carnivores…that’s a mean spirited way to die.

I don’t think I am capable of understanding a god because I only want good to happen

Sorry man it’s just what came to mind. At least you won’t burn in hell if there is one!

I would forgive God if only he would let me understand. I’d be even more inclined to forgive him I got better, but that selfish. Thanks to schizophrenia I have a very unique life experience, not sure what it’s worth but I’m glad to be different from the norm.

I think its hard to forgive God for allowing evil in this world, especially this Ebola ■■■■ happening, it makes me really angry, but our scriptures (Quran) say that after difficulty comes ease, and that this life is a test to see if we believe in God, despite the evils happening. So we just gotta hang in there, God is out there somewhere and will let the good come after the evil. We all have to die anyway, so why not believe in Heaven? Its very real.

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**When ever something bad has happened-even if the intention wasnt good--somehow, it turns out to be good in the long run. You dont always see the good in something. Or sometimes you will in hindsight. When someone does, or says something for me-I always make a point of telling them what their words have done…so that they can see it for themselves. A good deed can come back to you after sometimes years!
I don`t get it all, but the older I get, the more I notice how much everthing is connected and that there really is some kind of synchronicity. Listen to yourself–you will know who to forgive.
Sorry-this sounded like a sermon! **


Theres nothing to forgive

That is exactly how I feel. I think god got carried away dishing out the adversity and suffering.

Yes, I will. Not because my beliefs are that He is the creator but because I do not know if in future tables turn and I become the one who needs forgiveness. I would like to be forgiven.
You can apply this to anyone, not only God/god.

Many people believe that there is a conspiracy (kabal) of those with ancient knowledge to distort the very cosmic body of God to their will. It is called the kaballah. I do NOT recommend anyone schizophrenic or schizo-affective disorder go too far into it’s research…

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