To Sum It All Up

You know over time I decreasingly see a Universe created by a loving God. I think instead God is both good and evil and created a good and evil Universe and if humans don’t like the way things are that’s tough $#!^.

Theres too much suffering and pain plus why would we be born into all this crap as a test to go to the good place that in itself is mean lol.


I was just in a church today for a play my cousin was in. And they had some quotes from the bible on the wall. And I’m just sitting there reading and thinking, “none of this makes any sense. It’s like listening to someone speak in word salad.”


‘He who has ears to hear -’


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If there was a nice god who loved us all we have been forgotten.

I think ‘God’ ( I’m not a true believer ) has given us all of the possibilities.

Also im very sorry about your mother…

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Despite all the evidence to the contrary I believe there is an all powerful and all loving God, but I sure am puzzled by all the horrible suffering that occurs.

God is a powerful alien from outer space, our mother, is the planet earth.
We are born from, and return our body to the earth.
Our soul is made up of emotions and memories, and lives on long after the body surrenders, to live again in trade down form.
There will be a time to belong to god, but not until it is satisfied with our own integrity.

Not sure why, but this seems to be a re-occurring theme I can’t shake, no matter how cuckoo it sounds.

I think applying a human sense of morals to an entire universe is ludicrous. Good and evil as we see them are not the same as good and evil on a cosmic scale.

I’ve brought forth the theory that God was imperfect before and the best reply I received was “define perfect”. I was in a crappy mood last night when I wrote that tweet but feel better this morning. While I still find it hard to believe a loving God created this mess called Earth or some of the suffering good people go through I must admit that is a good argument.

So God can’t be an outer space alien?

How come all his children are so weird looking?
think of the bar scene in the first Star Wars, only a lot more wrinklier and white hair.

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I think humans are self-righteous, spoiled rotten children. How is it that humanity can make such a mess of things and blame everything but themselves? If God controlled our every move to preserve perfection, we would still cry foul and say He’s cruel to control us. Instead, He gives us free will so we can make our own choices. What do we do with that? We screw things up and blame Him for not stopping us.

The suffering exists today because we have a God who did not force Himself on us. He gave us a choice because He is perfectly just. Mankind chose this. We chose to reject God even though He warned us of the consequences. Death and disease are consequences of our rejection of God. Our God is truly loving, but He is also just, so He let us bring these horrific consequences on ourselves, and we have been passing these consequences down to our children since time began. So these horrible things have nothing to do with God not being loving. They have everything to do with us being stupid. There’s no question as to how great our God is - take a look around at all of creation. There’s also no question as to the path we have chosen - just look at the consequences of our choices. We need to quit blaming God and take responsibility for our choices and actions.


I see some “don’t blame God, blame yourself” talk going on. I’m all for taking responsibility for myself but I know that at the end of the day, I can’t control others, and I can’t control how others affect me. You would think an all knowing God would know that, in more than one sense, and have made a better system.

You would think an all knowing God would see things and instantly have solutions for them. But instead we have problems, massive problems, because somebody ate God’s stash? I don’t think the punishment equates to the crime. It’s rather drawn out and over-killed.

What’s the point of having knowledge if you’re not going to use it? What’s the point of punishment, especially if you’re all knowing?

Are you trolling religious members here? [quote=“prnoidschiz, post:15, topic:45347”]
Death and disease are consequences of our rejection of God.

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I was very surprised at that comment as well.

So why do you say He doesn’t use his knowledge? And how does punishment equate to all knowing?

I’m not trolling. I was just responding. I didn’t start this thread. Feel free to state your opinion like @Apathy has.

Suprised? You didn’t know? Well I’m glad I was able to let you know. I’m more than happy to respond to any specific questions on the topic…

I don’t see it being used.
EDIT: An all knowing God would be able to problem solve, or better yet, build a system so perfect, nobody would complain. But yet we have complaints and we have problems.

The point was is that if you’re all knowing, wouldn’t you move past punishment and just be able to do things in a better way? I mean, you made everything, I assume you would make something better than what we have, so there are no complaints. Instead we have this sadist who makes things and makes them suffer. Then for some reason everyone agrees that he saved us because some people butchered him to death. How does that save anyone? I don’t see anyone being saved.