Weight lifting supplements? Deer antler

Has anybody ever taken deer antler extract? It’s supposed to be similar to a growth hormone! I want to try it . It’s like a legal steroid.


All pro hormones and hormone boosting supplements are ■■■■■■■■. They don’t work.

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Isn’t that just powdered bone?

Just take whey isolate, its enough, you’re not going to compete at the olympics.

Yea I guess most supplements don’t work! My doctor told me not to take protein powder ! My doctor told me not to take any supplements! Maybe she’s right!!

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What was the reason? Mine told me its ok to take whey isolate but he said to not abuse it.

She said food is better and protien powder is fattening

I have no pertinent information to back it up, but this sounds like it could be dangerous to me. I don’t know what the standards are for supplements, but I wouldn’t take it.

I always wanted to take steroids when I was a teenager

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Eat your spinach:


One scoop has like 100 calories and you dont take more than one a day, I dont see how its fattening, it has no carbs or fat.

I eat 9 ounces of spinach a day!

Read the study, the dose used was equivalent to nine pounds.

I can’t read I have no patience

9 ounces is good though!!

You’re willing to take supplements you’re not able to read about?


I can’t read or watch movies !

Ok I’ll read it

I think the link is broken

Works for me. 15