Can you take preworkouts on aps

can you take preworkouts on aps, im going to take ziprasidone, does this med block the feeling of the preworkout.

They can excite the brain which can affect you by triggering psychosis or mania. It depends on the preworkout though

Whey isolate doesn’t affect your meds or disease.
Its good for weight loss. I studied Athletic Therapy and the teacher said we don’t need any supplements for exercise, they’re just marketing.
If it really improved athletic performance they would be illegal and called doping.

Some supplements marketed as athletic performance enhancer may interact with meds and some cause side effects.

If you already eat enough protein you don’t even need whey but you can take the recommended daily dosage. From my memory its 0.8-1.2g of protein per kg of body weight. Too much of protein is bad for the liver.

do you take preworkouts

I used to b4 sz. Stopped them as they didn’t really boost anything.

ok im taking them now, really dont feel any side effects, i think im okay. Just want a boost of energy before workout.

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