Weight loss supplement

So i just joined the gym last month and have lost 2kg already 33more to go :), my question is is there any supplements i can take to enhance weight loss and gain muscle that wont send me into mania?


you can try whey protein

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My little brother used to use beta alanine.

Really this is a question for @mortimermouse shame hes so busy nowadays and cant access the forum all the time.

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wow well done xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Protein supplementation can be helpfull in a hypocaloric diet (sugar cut-off) because it triggers neoglucogenesis. But protein has to be dosed not to alter renal function (hyperprotein diet). Vitamins supplementation is necessary in that case. If the loss of weight is successfull, stabilization is another and harder challenge : not to take back kilos!!!:sob:

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I have used Garcinia Cambogia

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Most of the weight loss supplements have weird stimulants in them, many of them dangerous. The companies that make them aren’t regulated so you have no idea if you are actually getting what the label claims is in the package.

I’m back on the diet wagon and snacking on boiled eggs these days. A boiled egg is high in protein and knocks my appetite down for a couple of hours. It’s only 70 calories. They don’t affect my cholesterol. I ate nothing but boiled eggs for four days before having my cholesterol tested (curiosity, okay?) – it was still good.


Yeah green tea does

Just drink it instead of coffee


@eduvigis thanks i have sent him a msg
@robertc thats interesting iv never heard of that one ill look into it some
@mortimermouse I could give green tea a go sounds pretty safe

Just got some green tea had my first cup, i havnt had anything with caffeine in it for years apart from dr peper :x I dont feel over stimulated so thats good I’ll keep taking it.

Best thing I’ve found,give up sugar

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There are many type of weight loss supplement in market.

If you want to try weight loss supplement then take herbal medicine which is no side effect on health & body. such as Everslim20 herbal supplement- best weight loss formula.


Get a fat burner that’s all there is really or use grenade it will make you lose water weight