Weight lifting supplements? Deer antler

Me and my friends all have adhd

I don’t know why I can’t open it but I’m over it maybe I’m not meant to read it

Yea idk should be good advice if from a doctor idk why she said that but she knows better than me certainly lol dude why not chug a green shake every morning those things are like vitamin bombs.

I used weight gain shakes for a little while I was trying weight lifting. I gained about 20 lbs. I usually used serious mass.

LS! I spend 200 dollars monthly on supplements. I have an education as a researcher. Also at age 63 I am one of the strongest in the gym. Read the Life Plan by Doctor Jeffry Life. A doctor advising supplements and protein shakes and hormones.

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My husband was Mr Michigan, and he says you don’t know what you’re really getting and it doesn’t really work like growth hormones.

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