Bodybuilding Supplements?

I made a post already about creatine and pre Workouts… But In with Protein Powder… Is it harmful to our Schizophrenia, or mental illness? I really want to start gym and use the delicious taste of Protein powder for a reward after training, and also have more protein in general. Any thoughts?

There ia nothing wrong with legal supplements for sz, except pre-workout. Pre-workout has massive caffeine amounts that can trigger positive symptoms. Basically like creatine needs to stay on a dosage according to your weight cause in high doses can cause dehydratation. Protein powder is safe and good like caseine or whey, especially expensive ones. What my 8 years of gymming has taught me that money is better spent in a grocery store for food than buying supplements


I have one vegan greens+protein shake a day. I try and have it around 3 pm, when I’m the most tired. Sometimes I have it in the morning, if I’m really exhausted. It helps curb my appetite. I can’t have whey protein because I’m lactose intolerant.

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You don’t need a lot of protein supplement each day if you’re a meat eater. Most of us already eat more protein that we need. I used protein supplements and they didn’t affect my SZ.

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When I worked out I noticed that supplements don’t do jack ■■■■ for building mass. Save the money for real food instead.

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LS! I go to the gym twice or thrice a week. The other days I exercise at home with dumbbells or on my rowing machine. I am a lacto ovo vegetarian for a lifetime of 63 years. I take bodybuilding supplements but I do not worry.
I take daily:
HMB 4 grams
BCAA 10 grams
Creatine 7 grams
Whey protein shake 50 grams
Lion s mane
And a lot more dietary supplements
Check out the website
For the Pec Deck and the Leg Extension I have elite strength.

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Taking supplements is all up to you, buddy.

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