Was your psychosis drug induced?

I used to do a lot of drugs lsd, benzos, cocaine, ketamine pretty much everything under the sun. I think my drug use caused psychosis. How many of you think your psychosis was drug induced? I hope one day it will end and I’ll be able to get off all this medication.

I do not believe mine was drug induced.


I believe drugs triggered my schizophrenia but didn’t cause it. I would have probably become schizophrenic no matter if I did drugs or not.


I was born a sensitive person and became harmed by relatively light drug use, had a tendency to self righteous religious fanaticism, and a bad experience as a runaway teenager which culminated in bringing out the schizophrenia gene in my family. It’s hard to believe things could have become worse, but it could’ve. My pdoc sent me to Narcotics Anonymous. I never got criticism for taking medicine from any of them and I’ve been to thousands of meetings.

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I think my trying shrooms opened it all up but didn’t cause it. As I showed signs as a teen. I just had a long lasting psychotic break after I used them. Many hospital stays and many meds tried. Landed on a pretty good mix. Only some breakthrough symptoms.

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I have never been a regular drug user.

I smoked pot a number of times, but that’s it.

My first anxiety attack was when I was 6, my first hallucination was when I was 9 or 10, and my first major depression was when I was 11. I was hardly doing drugs before that.

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I can think of one horrific psychotic episode brought on by acid, but that’s about it. Did a sh*tload of psychedelics and pretty much everything else when I was a kid, but I was already tore up by then and on Mellaril. Horrible stuff.

I had sz symptoms before using weed but weed temporarily made sz symptoms worse for a day then I was back to normal. I only tried weed a few times.

I was smoking a ton of pot. But I had symptoms before I started smoking again. It just made it a lot worse.

LSD was my drug of choice. I started smoking weed when I was 13. I started taking lsd when I was 17. For 2 years I was high from the time I woke up until the time I went to sleep. I would wake up at 3 pm and start smoking weed. By 6 pm I was popping doses of lsd. By 10 pm I’d be smoking heroin and taking benzo’s. By 5 am I’d be knocking myself out with hard liquor. I was taking lsd 2-4 times a week. I overdosed twice and went into a seizure. I was taking stupid amounts of it. After a couple years I started getting paranoid. The last time I took lsd I got high and it felt like the drug never wore off. Months of not touching drugs and I still felt high on lsd. After 9 months it was like a switch went off in my head and I started hearing voices.

The testing of LSD was banned since the 1960’s. They just lifted the ban about 12 years ago. Researchers at UCLA were giving lsd to rat. They said in high doses it caused permanent schizophrenia like symptoms in rats.

When I got stuck on a permanent trip. I saw several doctors but none had answers. I was hoping there was an antidote. I talked to one doctor that said she saw a few people get mess up from lsd in the 1960’s.

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No. psychosis (Schizophrenia) runs in my family.

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I don’t know. It might have been triggered by lots of mdma one night with alcohol.

I never did drugs so might have shocked my body?


No. İ never used a drug but i used to have lot of trauvma in middle school.but i have also genetic foundation.i believe my sz triggered with ptsd’s

1st time it was diagnosed as that. But then I kept on relapsing without drug use, and hey, now I am a Schizophrenic

Yes drug induced, but also the world is shitty

I believe alcohol played a role in my break with reality. One time after a hard binge I was convinced that the U.S. and Russia had both launched their missiles, and we were getting ready to have a thermonuclear war. I was wondering if it would do any good to crawl under the bed.

I used to think it was but now I simply don’t know which of the many possible causes led to it. I don’t care any more because there are better things to do because it is my reality and I simply have to deal with it.

No. I don’t use drugs, and wasn’t using drugs before I presented symptoms of schizophrenia.

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Clomipramine activated maniacal psychosis and psychotic mania. Marihuana started causing sometimes psychosis, eariel never. all antidepresants started causing hallucinations.

Mine isn’t. I’ve always had it. I’ve only in the past year or so learned what it is. I just thought that I experienced what other people did and we just weren’t supposed to talk about it. When you are young, it’s just “an overactive imagination”. The weird things you say are something that “you’ll grow out of”. Or maybe the things you are hearing are your “imaginary friend”. As you grow up, “it’s just a phase”. Get into your teens and you’re “acting out” or “it’s just teen angst”. So, it’s just something that I’ve learned that I’ve needed to deal with, you know? I’ve tried some substances to try to cope in different ways but they either don’t do anything to it or make it worse. I don’t need it worse. I didn’t have a very good day today and I don’t want it worse. I’d rather not have it worse. You know? I’m rambling. Sorry.