How many of you were doing drugs b4 getring diagnosed

So b4 i got my first psychosis. I was smoking marijuana everyday, im pretty sure thats what led to my schizophrenia. How many of you were doing drugs b4 getting psychosis and what drugs were you doing?


I wasn’t doing drugs. I was on a spiritual high.

I heard that the prospects are better for those with drug induced psychosis once you quit.


I think weed triggered my sz eventhough I only tried it 2-3x before diagnosis. Weed is legal here.

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I smoked weed semi-regularly in high school and early college. I think this sort of “triggered” my sz, but I also think I had a predisposition to mental illness, as it runs in my family. So not a good combo, lol.


i smoked alot of pot in my high school years. also occasionaly mushrooms, lsd and ecstacy. i feel thst the pot gave me lifelong anxiety but i got out of that about 17. only sparingly afterwards. i was diagnosed at 21 but it was strictly for a dusability claim. no symptoms. that came about 23. i was growing pot and had some loss of touch with reality.

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I’m the same as you. I smoked a little in high school but not crazy amounts or anything. I just got unlucky with genes IMO.


I smoked a lot of weed, but there was times like years where I smoked a lot of weed and had no psychotic symptoms. Then there were times where I was not smoking weed then started to become psychotic and went and got me some weed and became worse.

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what do they say about LSD? You don’t take it, it takes you? Yeah drugs were using me. I was high all the time on marijuana and experimenting with mdma, lsd, and psilocybin. i have no doubt that it contributed to my condition. no doubt.

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I wasn’t doing an assortment of drugs but I tried hashish and Mescaline before I got diagnosed.

Mescaline blew my gasket… never was the same since trying it in college.

Worst trip ever!

I did weed a lot, cocaine once while drunk, mushrooms and muscle relaxant pills occasionally.

I had bad trips on weed specially and mushrooms before i got psychotic.

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I haven’t done any drugs. Well, only alcohol, but I assume you don’t mean that one. My SzA is genetic; my mom, my sister, and at least one brother (out of two) have SzA. Just unlucky with genetics.

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I smoked MJ in my twenties but it was an extreme rarity in my later years. I also rarely drank alcohol. I was mostly clean and sober when my psychosis hit in early 40’s. I doubt drugs had anything to do with it.

I was abusing prior to being DXed, mostly booze and cannabis. Hard drugs occasionally mixed in. Don’t know if it caused the SZ or not and don’t care. I’ve stopped worrying about why the car hit me and am just trying to get on with walking as normally as possible again.

At the time I got sick, I had drastically cut back on my marijuana use and drinking and was not doing LSD. But a few bad trips on acid a year prior and plenty of smoking pot and drinking in high school most likely triggered my schizophrenia.

@Blossom for your parents that had schizophrenia. Do you think your parents were doing it which caused you to get it cause they passed it down to you?

Only one parent had schizoaffective.

Sorry, I don’t know what you mean. Doing drugs? My parents have never done drugs, as far as I know. They’ve had alcohol. That’s it. Maybe some MJ as teenagers, but IDK if they have actually had MJ or not. But definitely no other drugs.

I used pcp laced pot about 50 times. I heard voices since a small boy. I was a religious fanatic as a kid and had a non religious family. I’m not saying religion is bad just that fanaticism is. I was bound to find a teaching one day. I was fated to be sza.

i never did any drugs.

I smoked pot off and on in my life and never worried about sz. Even now I don’t think they’re connected, and if they are so what? Snoop Dogg smokes more in a year than I will in my whole life and he’ll never have sz/sza.