POLL: Were Street Drugs Your Trigger Cause For Sz?

  • YES
  • NO

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Yes I guess because i didn’t see and feel shadow people until after I did drugs for awhile. But people have been hearing my thoughts for as long as I remember. So I was messed up before the drugs.

I voted no, however when I was 17 I was diagnosed with drug induced psychosis.

I was then clean for 4 years, and the stress of university made me psychotic again, but this time they called it Schizophrenia.

Not sure if the drug thing did cause it or not, as I had a few years in-between where I didn’t even need meds.

Yeah, too much acid.


Hashish and marijuana did it.


I started to hear voices and feel things that weren’t there after smoking marijuana. Shortly after, I lit myself on fire. Thank God I’m still alive.

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Yup. Skunk weed, salvia 20x, and some unknown stupid substance I smoked 8 years ago. Went totally insane.

I voted yes because I think too much weed caused my psychosis. I quit smoking a few years before my first psychotic break, but the psychosis was similar to when I was high off weed. Very strange

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No. I was smoking less and less weed and feeling really odd. Was having serious anxiety attacks which I didn’t know about. Just kept smoking weaker weed and way less. I stopped the weed straight away and just slid into psychosis anyways. It was destiny for sure.


Marijuana was one of many reasons for my psychosis. The other reasons were: genetics, toxic prenatal environment, toxic childhood environment, and high stress in adulthood.

Actually, I had a prescribed antihistamine causing my psychotic episode once I came off of it cold turkey. I personally think that anorexia had something to do with it also.

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