Was he interested

Met a guy today talked for about two hours I paid I insisted but then in the end he was like do you want time to think , shall I call you or do you want to call me? I said I needed time to think.


He was probably interested, if he asked. :smile: Good for you, don’t take too long or too little time to call back

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I liked him but I was not attracted to him :frowning: and I don’t know if I should just not call or just drop a message saying it was nice meeting him but didn’t think it will work.

call him back , he looks to be interested. U don wanna miss this op

Well sometimes the attraction is not right away. Give it a shot, why not if you liked him?

Sounds like a good platonic friendship on your end, but on his end it sounds like he was more invested than you. You’re in control, as they say, “The one that loves least controls the relationship.”

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I’ve never been physically attracted to the couple people I’ve dated, but their personality shone through so much that eventually they became indescribably, physically beautiful to me.

It’s worth a try to just hang out for a awhile :smile:


he didn’t get a phone until last year and he works in IT. Strange!!! I just didn’t feel we clicked as I’d liked even though he seemed nice. The last guy I saw we hit of straight away but oh well it wasn’t to be.

I think you need to be attracted to their looks or their personality. If you are not attracted to either I think sex will probably end up being a problem… at least that is my experience.

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What do you mean so it’s weird. I find it weird.

Physical attraction is not a big deal. The sex could be amazing still. Give it a shot, you’re being picky

You can’t have your cake and eat it too.

you don’t really KNOW a person until atleast 2 long meetings. (atleast for a lot of time like hours) and even with that you would have to be extremely aware and conscious of what he/she is speaking or pointing at and probably (and i mean probably) you could figure out what type of a guy/girl he/she is.

But I don’t know what is ur requirement. Most people don’t care of these and only sex and get it done with.

But anyway, you should not be concluding about anyone in just 1 meet. That was my point. Try meeting him more times and then you would know about him.

2 cents.


Hmmm. I don’t know. I know I’m “picky” but it’s me who’d have to spend the rest of my life with him so I have every right to be. If he found out I have schiz I’m sure he’d be “picky” too.

You dont have to spend all your life with him. Talk to him, get to know him. Give it a shot.

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There is nothing wrong with being picky. Learning to be picky is the best thing I ever did with my life. If you already know there is nothing there, why would you keep trying to make it work? Good for you, if you already know.

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I know it makes me come across like a bitch but rather now than a year down the line which would be messy.

That is exactly how I feel, and exactly how my fiancé feels. Other people think we’re weird, because they date just to get to know people and don’t have anything long term in mind. People like us, we date to get married. If we already know we don’t want to marry someone, why bother continuing to give them a chance?

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That’s what I think now but the girl who I was interested in my soph year of college seemed to think I either wanted sex or to marry her. She couldn’t imagine a middle ground. I wanted to be like friends but a little bit more. She says I “idealized” her. I think she was delusional.

i don’t understand. You wanted to be more than friends but not have sex? So, like make out buddies?