I am thinking to let this guy go too

Nothing bad has happened but maybe I’m used to them responding more quick than this. It feels like he’s not interested. But when he does talk he doesn’t want to stop. Shall I just wait? And not finish it yet ?

Do what you feel is right i guess. You don’t have to be in each others pockets all the time! It’s fine to have a little space.

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Haven’t met him. But most times at least for the first few days they at least respond. I don’t want to ruin it but argh.

Something in me doesn’t want to trust him because if stereotypes and experiences but I really like him.

Girl you got to try Tinder. Plenty more fish in the sea :slight_smile:

Yes I met him on tinder :joy:

I think you should always drop a guy that doesn’t immediately respond to your texts…rule of thumb. too bad…I thought he might make you happy too.


It’s great isn’t it? Was talking to an emergency medicine doctor tonight in my city! That’s pretty cool.

Maybe but he hasn’t looked at WhatsApp since 8. He seems a busy guy cos of his career and i would understand he has friends but I think he put super like for every girl on tinder not just me.

No. It’s full of guys who want sex. Finding someone decent on any site is rare.

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well, I hope he answers soon…he can still text during meetings. he might be trying to play that hard to get game.


I wouldn’t drop him just because he’s not immediately responding. Maybe he’s busy? If he likes to talk when he’s able I would keep it going. Or ask what he’s up. In a not creepy way, though. Like, I noticed you were busy, anything fun going on? That sort of thing.


Thanks. But he’s into cars and has 9000 friends insta so kinda feels like he’s not gonna like ME.

Don’t sell yourself short! You’re amazing. Let him decide if he likes you or not. Don’t call it off just because he might.


There are some decent men on there I think…

I’m not denying that but it’s rare. For me in my experience anyway.

But you can specify if you’re looking for a relationship or dating or friends. I’m not into casual sex anywho.

You can. A lot of them say long term but quickly discussions turn around into sex. It’s awkward for me as I’m not experienced (once) and I want a relationship not just sex.

Men will be men I guess.


I used to have the worst time waiting to hear back, a “call you back in 5 minutes” turned into me calling back at 5 min, 1 second questioning if something was wrong. I made sure to wait at least 1 hour to 1 day to respond to my wife in our early dating to be sure I didn’t scare her off. Not many had smartphones and fast reponces then used to be interpeted as I must of been desperate waiting at the computer for her to respond (lots of past experiences responding within 15 seconds to all of the ex gfs). So yeah, they could be waiting to not sound so desperate, I sometimes wait a day+ to respond to a txt message these days… good things can come to those who wait… play it by ear.

If he sounds married the drop him for sure!

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