Voices telling me that iam going to hell forever

Voices telling me iam going to hell forever how many people have been told this?

I swear you made this exact post like 5 times dude …


Yeah man just worried

Why worry when you know it’s just your illness that is causing these voices. Don’t give them any credit. It’s your schizophrenia.

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Dont repost. Find your old post and reply to it.

It’s just a delusion man. You need to stop questioning your voices, otherwise it’ll just get worse.


It’s just that they are really smart and I get a lot of weird coicednets

Coincidences, in SZ terms, are a mild form of ideas of reference. Like @TheCanuk said, its SZ talking. Please stop worrying.


They are only as smart as you make them. Stay on your meds and stop talking to them :poodle::poodle::poodle:


Haven’t stopped taking my meds but they dont really work to well I still hear them

My voices told me I would die if I didn’t join the CIA. I believed them, wholeheartedly. My mind still can’t accept that it wasn’t real but I think that’s what sz is. A really powerful thing that makes you believe things that aren’t real. You can sleep well knowing you WONT be going to hell.

Thanks means alot


Medicine does not kill hallucinations, it only minimizes them.

That’s why there is no cure for SZ.

You need to learn how to COPE with them, instead of attacking and fighting them.

Some people can do it, others cant.

What are the weird coincidences you got? I also got some weird ones

I haven’t heard voices for 7 months from an increase in meds. But I do get faint voices when stressed.

Oh, pretty much every time I shoo a JW off my front step each Saturday morning. Just ignore it and get on with your life. The only power the voices have over you is the power you give them.