Voices say there the illuminati

No they told me her concheness is gone

What is concheness? I dont know that word.

Did meds help you

Yes they help. 1515

I ment consciousness

What’s 1515 not herd of that

It’s nothing. It’s what we do on the forum when the post is not long enough

Do they say your going to hell or hurt your family?

Do they also bring you counisedenses numbers and sighns

Yes they can intrude with any thought they want. No they dont tell me I’m going to hell. You should tell them they are not allowed to say that and see what they do.

What medicine did you take if you don’t mind me asking?

Risperidone worked. I’m switching to geodon.

Did the voices say they tortured or eat peolpe?

I don’t believe in Illuminati either

Was in Hastings shapeshifter revealed it to me then turned back to human form. I told my bf
I want to leave now.

Its weird that you picture is an eye

Sorry for all the questions

Its fine. Yes they said they eat people.

The minimum post length required by the forum software is 15 characters, otherwise you get an error message from the forum software.

A lot of people on the forum will just add 151515 to increase the number of characters in their post to exceed the required 15 characters.

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