Voices from mechanical objects

Sometimes when I’m in the shower I hear voices coming from the shower.And
I seem to be bothered by the sound of rushing water.And other times from other functioning
mechanical objects like the ceiling fan. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Yeah, white noise is a source of auditory hallucinations for me, and I imagine most other schizophrenics too.

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I’ve had it before with white noise.

White noise has also been a friend to me to get to sleep as an insomniac but I’m not a voices person.

@firemonkey calls this “functional hallucinations”

From google :

Functional hallucinations are a rare phenomenon, wherein hallucinations are triggered by a stimulus in the same modality, and co-occur with it. Although hallucinations in schizophrenia are normally treated using antipsychotics, not all patients respond to them.

Yeah i used to hear voices from the fans in the computer. Nowadays i need white noise in the background so i can sleep. I got one of those machines years ago that plays it. It used to trigger me alot - ceiling fans - running diesal motors, you name it. But now i have to have it as i find it strangly comforting. I can concentrate on the white noise instead of my head whilst sleeping.

Yes I do, and specifically from the shower. I have a hard time with the fan in the bathroom too. I don’t like being in the bathroom at all, it makes me feel really cut off and my mind plays tricks on me.

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I would hear voices in the shower, in the music I listened to, in cars passing by on the road, and i would simply just hear voices not mechanically induced. another thing that used to draw out voices was the sound of a greyhound bus and an Amtrak train while riding as a passenger

I get audible hallucinations from white noise too. Mostly from a/c and heating, ceiling fans and space heaters.

I also hear voices coming from the fan and the shower and sometimes
the air conditioner. Where can you purchase this white noise machine?

Yes, and then some, also gets worse with environmental stresses, or delayed medication times.

Yes I also get it from those examples you gave

I would usually hear whispers coming from the shower, sink, or A/c

I don’t hear voices from mechanical objects, but before my AP was increased I was hearing music from fans. Apparently that may be a documented syndrome Musical Ear Syndrome?

Theres a few on amazon -

Or if your in the uk - Boots the chemists and homeeopathy shops do them as well.

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