Sounds like the washing machine is talking

I’m not sure what part of the washing process you’d call it , other than it’s when water is going into the sink. It’s not possible to make out any words . It sounds quite robotic .
I get it too , sometimes, when the toilet flushes.


I feel this way as well. My brother says this and he does not have schizophrenia.

Sounds like the tapping in my roof is trying to catfish me :mask:

I had that in my old place that had an extractor fan when the toilet light was on. Same sort of robotic voice. Very wierd. I stuck a knife in it in the end to brake it.

When i start hearing noises off the computer fans that are on 24/7 - its a good sign for me that the depot jab is probably due.

Does your noodle in doesnt it!??

Neurotypical people also sometimes hear garbled talking in the sound of fans, air conditioners, washing machines, etc. basically any repetitive noise. Don’t worry, it doesn’t sound like a warning sign to me.


More information.

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^^ True but also -

It would take a pdoc to untangle whether it’s what you’ve mentioned or not.


Sorry that you are hearing this @firemonkey
I used to get that too with running water, the air con, and even the refrigerator noises turned into some weirdo talk
I have a feeling it may be common

Interesting articles. But i sorta side with @firemonkey 's article, cos mine only ever show up when im short on meds.

Glad to know normies get it as well tho.

To be honest it seems to be primarily a night-time just before bed thing . The loud inner speech/voices with unconnected phrases buzzing through my head was also very much a night-time thing .

I’m not putting my experiences on the same level as others on this thread .

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