Anyone else hear things in other sounds?

So… for a while now I’ve been having the issue where I whenever there’s a constant noise (usually a fan, but this has also happened with water boiling in a kettle when I was close to it) I start hearing what sounds like… a radio playing? Sometimes it’s people talking, sometimes it’s almost like music, but I can never clearly make out a melody or what’s being said. Last night, it was what sounded like a heartbeat monitor from a TV show or like… morse code?

Am I the only one this happens to? Also… is it a psychosis thing or just a weird human brain thing?


The walls say go matt go :partying_face: so does the washing machine the toaster oven the sink and most everything…well they used to say kill yourself and alot of terrible nonsense. But now its a sweet lighthearted go matt go :partying_face: cant be upset at all. They speak fabulously…well thats what happens after a reversal and such. Its okay :+1: peace to everyone


I hear refrigerator sound and some hammering sound trigger my condition, i just make meaning out of sounds as there is none to interact, or my brain process info outside in inplace of inside out…

Btw best of luck to everyone on their reversals! Youll do great if you have not already!..sometimes the appliances say in a sexy female comforting voice, “hi hunny your doing super fab we love you” and i crack a smile everytime

@matthewj I’m glad it’s turned around for you!

@A_B_C I had no idea certain sounds could trigger things:0 It makes sense though, when I think about it.

Thank you both for the replies! Nice to know I’m not alone.

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I was being funny and trying to let you know your not alone. I had it especially after my breakdown. It gets easier and better. Im no longer on antipsychotics just a low dose mood stabilizer. It would be great if the appliances did that but they dont lol. Take it easy. It got better for me. One thing ill let you know is that if you dwell on negative or feel guilty or overwhelmed and dont relax then your whole world can turn upside down. The universe is very strange that way.


Oh, I got you lol I’m really glad to hear this. I’ve been wondering for a while if I should be concerned, but it hasn’t escalated or anything and I’m working on remembering to take my second dose of AP (I often forget). I’ve been mega stressed, so this actually makes sense. Thank you again. I’m gonna work on trying to let myself relax more. Can’t be go go go all the time, even if I’d like to be.

Thank you for responding! It’s nice to know I’m not alone, even if this phenomenon can be annoying

Hearing an auditory hallucination within the sound of a fan or running water or the refrigerator or any other sound is called a functional hallucination. I guess anyone can get this, in other words it’s not just people with psychotic disorders.

I have a lot of this, I mean to the point of bothering me. I can’t take showers because I hear people screaming in the sound of the water and it makes me panic. I have to take baths instead. I can’t have the bathroom fan on or it sounds like the devil is talking to me. Appliances trigger music, that’s not too bad.

You definitely are not the only one.

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Apparantly (according to my cpn) thats pretty common - mishearing stuff off of fans/white noise.
The freezer motor used to do it to me - i would hear conversations off it. Drove me bonkers.

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Not often but I have definitely experienced that yes especially in fans and radiators.

@Leaf @Naarai
Thank yall so much for responding! It’s so reassuring to hear so many people know and get what I’m talking about. I’m also glad to hear it’s a pretty common general thing, though I am sorry it bothers you Leaf and Naarai.


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I have definitely experienced this with fans. Sometimes I hear faint music when I am laying down in bed with my fan on. I can’t turn it off though because the fan noise drowns out the street traffic I hear that keeps me awake in the mornings.

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Yes I get this too, with fans, sound of the sea or water. One common was hearing a train brake at the station over the sound of the sea whilst at the beach (our local station by beach)

I use to experience this not after being on meds for awhile it happens less.

But I use to hear things from fans, running water, even the wind lol. It was annoying and scary

They’re known as functional hallucinations. I get them when the toilet flushes or when the washing machine is on. Mine are like people talking, but I can’t make out what the words are.