Useful Teas


This tea is really good for my delusions.

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Is there any tea out there that you swear by. A tea to focus would really help me. Any tea at all that helps in any way.


very nice, not sure about a lot of consumption of that.

I use Lavender and sea salt in a detox bath,
but only sparingly, as the bottle suggests.

I love tea too.
Green, White, Sleepytime, and Chamomile
all of it helps with my anxiety.


Tea gives me a dry mouth. Otherwise I would prefer it to coffee.


Glad you found something :hugs:


Yeah no mind control for me anymore.


Awesomeness. How ya feeling?


I feel great. Just want to be able to pay attention to sports is my major concern now.


I’ve been watching hockey playoffs


That’s great. Hockey is great.


That it, is that it is :hugs:


I love most sports!


I will probably watch some of the NBA playoffs.


Glad you’re great! Ya used to be so hard on yourself!


I don’t know if these are compatible with what aps so check with your doc


I read that chamomile tea is calming. Used it a little myself, but I’m more of a black tea / coffee person.


I make my own tea lavender and vanilla with honey. Very soothing.


I bought a whole heap of fruit teas quite a while ago but have hardly had any. They always taste quite insipid to me.


I love :two_hearts:yogi tea.

My mum introduced me to them.
They are a bit more expensive but so delicious.

They have so many different flavours.

I love the original one with cinnamon etc but the liquorice one is a pure delight.

It has probably been over ten years since I had one because I was on a tight budget.

Chai tea is nice too.

I have had chai tea at cafe.

I agree teas can be very helpful and for those having a breakdown not coping offering to make them a cup of tea could help very much unless if they are paranoid it is poison …


Like this tin tin magazine where his dog snowy was poisoned for drinking tea.


I love tea, I’m planning a tea garden. mints chamomile lemon verbena, raspberry leaf, etc. two other teas I like are catnip and thyme.

thyme isn’t common for tea, but it’s surprisingly refreshing. I read about it in a herbal medicine encyclopedia first. it was recommended for men’s health so I tried it and liked it. its hardy in climate zone 6, here in Indiana so I’m going to plant quite a bit of it.

the catnip is probably the most useful for me as it effectively calms my heart during panic attacks. from my experience the fresh stuff is more effective than the dried stuff you can find online. I had some catnip growing at the old house but we sold that, so now i’ll have to start some more. grows easy.