Useful Teas


I’m happy to hear that it is helping, personally I don’t like tea or coffee because I can’t sleep well on them…


my partner’s little sister gave me a green tea set i have drank maybe half of them my favorite is the apple


I like apple cider tea


@TheBest the name is a reference to that stand upper “the champion” (sarcastic use of the name)

Have you tried gingo bilogo, I haven’t but I heard it helps focus concentration and a lot of thing. I think you can make tee of it


I sometimes drink jasmine green tea


I love black tea, but I am used to having it with milk and stevia. Recently, I have decided to cut down on the stevia slowly to enhance my taste buds. Once I have stopped stevia in a few weeks, I will slowly cut down on milk. I think I would like to become a tea connoiseur at the end of it and I have to prepare my palate to do so.

Do you take milk and sugar in these teas you have?


I like mine plain


Ginkgo Biloba tea sounds good to me.:grinning:


Have you tried pu-erh tea? I have just ordered a small sample from china for a £1.

I hope it doesn’t interact with aps.

This has dried tangerine and orange peel in it, along with the pu-erh tea leaf.


I’ve never heard about that before @labratmat


It is said to lower cholesterol and help with weight loss apprently. Possibility of being ‘tea drunk’ too. :slight_smile:


See this study which refers to schizophrenia at the end of report:

"Excessive mGluR5 activation has already been alluded to as a potential contributing factor in synaptic disorders, and a number of studies are currently testing the therapeutic potential of drugs that modify mGluR5 [27]. The modification of particular mGluR5 has been implicated in synaptic diseases and psychiatric disorders [28]. Despite progress in drug treatment of schizophrenia, cognitive and other negative symptoms remain a major issue of the disease, often representing residual symptoms of resistant schizophrenia and being worsened by the side effects of antipsychotics effects "


That’s interesting. I’m curious if it will help you or not.


Fennel tea is delicious :yum:… I’m sure it has some beneficial properties too


I’m drinking Stash Chai Tea it’s amazing with almond milk and 2 sugars yummy


Last two-three days, I’ve been drinking green tea. I plan on cutting out the sugary drinks.


I enjoy peppermint tea the most


I boug a pound of peppermint tea off ebay, but I didn’t preconsider how light tea leaves are, so I ended up getting a pillow-sized bag of tea leaves that will pretty much last me a year if I drink multiple cups daily. Oops.


Awesome!!! :ok_hand:t2:


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