What's your favourite relaxing tea? Recommendations welcome

I’ve always liked chamomile and this week I’m getting my first batch of cbd rich hemp tea. I’ve also had some success with blue lotus. Passionflower is next on my try list. Suggestions?

Peppermint tea. This is the one of the few I can drink without sweetener or sugar.

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I drink peppermint tea for the taste and as a digestion aid but I’m not aware of its relaxing properties.

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Organic pukka, three ginger tea.

All we have in the cupboard is earl grey, green tea and naturally decaf green tea. Im drinking a green tea right now, dont know how relaxing it is though.

Bengal spice tea. It’s so good. No need for milk or sweetener.

Earl Grey (which is black tea mixed with the bergamot citrus fruit) and green tea (with lemon) come from the same plant. They both have l-theanine in them which works on the GABA system. GABA is the neurotransmitter responsible for slowing down and calming the nervous system.

Twinnings decaffeinated Earl Grey tea is tasty, I take it with some Splenda Sweetener. Very very little caffeine in it and lots of l-theanine. I’m drinking it right now.

You don’t really have to worry about the caffeine in black/green tea as l-theanine counters the actions of caffeine anyways.


Give me a cuppa green tea and I’m happy. Throw in scone and I’m really happy.

I like tea but unfortunately I’m allergic

Currently liking the matcha tea.

I like Earl Grey and Contant Comment the best. I drink decaffeinated Constant Comment at night.

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