U.S. Haldol Shortage - Plans?

According to that FDA website, there appears to be a widespread U.S. Haldol shortage.

There seem to be many people on this website taking Haldol, as I do.

What do we plan to do? This is a big concern for me. Can we brainstorm some possible solutions here?

I am from Europe and have no idea how this works with shortages, but is there a shortage of other forms of haldol as well? I use liquid haldol for example, drops. Others use depot form haldol. Are the liquid and injections in shortage as well? Maybe it is a stupid question, but i have no idea.

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It is a good question. According to a post from Schmookitty on another thread, the depot has a shortage too. I haven’t found a confirmation from a government source yet.

“So talked to Dr M today for about 15 minutes. She said there is a shortage of the depot injection as well so that is not an option.”

Hm. Thats too bad. And for haldol drops there is probably a shortage too then? I have haldol in a little bottle, not many use that I think. Otherwise I have no idea how to deal with it, except switch.

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Yet another medication adjustment that will probably come with yet another lost job. Lovely. Maybe I’ll just apply for disability when I probably lose this job due to the pharmaceutical industry.

Yes, that would suck. Do ask about the liquid first though, perhaps the drops are still available because people don’t think of using them and perhaps psychiatrists don’t think of them either. It’s exactly the same haldol as the tablets, only you have to count drops instead of tablets.

And importing medication is probably impossible?

If you really have to switch meds, can’t you get a leave from work to get through the worst few weeks? Instead of losing your job? And perhaps the switching goes smoother than you suspect, I hope so.


The U.S. has the FMLA, but it doesn’t always work. The employer can often find another “reason” to fire an employee who used it. I might try it anyway.

I called my psychiatrist and let them know that I just found out about the U.S. Haldol shortage, and I want to discuss my options.

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There really aren’t any options other than to switch to something else. I have about 45 of the 20 mg tablets to work with as far as tapering. I can get them down to 5s with my pillcutter if need be.

i REALLY don’t want to switch, as I am relatively stable on Haldol but i simply don’t have enough left to last until the shortage is over. I’ll start a low dose of the new med on Wednesday or Thursday and go from there.

It really ticks me off because I’ve been paying a small fortune for generic Haldol as it is. I looked at my pharmacy receipts yesterday - paid $33.52 for 45 Haloperidol 20 mg in July, $50.44 in August, and started paying $135 in Sept. Guess it was already in short supply then but I didn’t know it yet.

@Rosenthal i’m so sorry you are going to have to risk your job over this! Med changes are not easy at all and it’s especially criminal that you have go through it when you’ve been compliant and stable. At least I am on disability. Please come back up here if you need support. I’m going to keep my other thread going too because it’s important to follow through and show what happens when there is a med shortage. Start your own thread for support if you need to!


Do we know how long the shortage is going to last? I take 5 mg pills and 150mg depot.

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This is a shame that this is happening.
So sad.

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The link says it will last until March 2019. My pharmacy says estimated return date is January 28, 2019… You’ll want to call your pdoc ASAP to get another option.

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I have enough to get through this month. That is it. I’m going to add invega. I hope the withdrawals aren’t too bad.

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I’m talking to jukebox about generic Prolixin. My pdoc mentioned it in the past and I really don’t want to go back on Geodon, which was her most recent suggestion. i hate the short half life. It makes me so tired I end up sleeping all day and all night and I really don’t want to go back to that. My body doesn’t like the newer meds. I like old school for myself.

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I just moved across country. I’m hoping to find full-time work. This is the last thing I needed. If I go crazy I’m filling a lawsuit.

It’s not fair, that’s for sure. It seems wise to start changing meds sooner rather than later since we’ll have no choice pretty soon.

According to that website these products are still available

Available Products

    • Haloperidol tablet, Sandoz, 10 mg, bottle, 100 count, NDC 00781-1397-01
    • Haloperidol tablet, Sandoz, 20 mg, bottle, 100 count, NDC 00781-1398-01
    • Haloperidol tablet, Sandoz, 5 mg, bottle, 100 count, NDC 00781-1396-01
    • Haloperidol tablet, Zydus, 10 mg, bottle, 100 count, NDC 68382-0080-01
    • Haloperidol tablet, Zydus, 20 mg, bottle, 100 count, NDC 68382-0081-01
    • Haloperidol tablet, Zydus, 5 mg, bottle, 100 count, NDC 68382-0079-01
    • Haloperidol tablet, Zydus, 5 mg, bottle, 1000 count, NDC 68382-0079-10

It’s just the mylan tablets that are unavailable. Not the sandoz ones.

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Doses are too high. Can’t reliably cut a 5 mg tablets into 5 equal pieces. Still a big med adjustment.

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Ah geez. Sorry didn’t realise you were only on 1mg.

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