My pharmacy can't get my Haldol - HELP!


I got my med cocktail filled yesterday to be picked up tonight. In the text I got, it said they only filled 35 of my 45 Haloperidol tablets for less than a 30 day supply. When I called to complain, the lady said that their vendor can’t get more for the foreseeable future so I needed to call around to other pharmacies who use different vendors to see if they could order the Haldol 20 mg tablets I need. She filled my script with the last 35 tabs she had in stock.

Needless to say, I am FREAKED OUT. When my husband’s beta blocker was on national shortage last year, he ended up coming off it. I have just under a month’s supply of Haldol 20 mg tablets, not enough to make a timely change to a different med. Even so, I don’t WANT a different med, Haldol works best for me and is the only one I’ve tried to be weight neutral. She said it’s not necessarily a national shortage situation, just that their vendor can’t get it.

Does anyone else have experience with shortages of your meds? Were you able to source it elsewhere or did you have to change meds? I go psychotic on less than 30 mg Haldol a day and I’m scared to death I’ll end up with another psychotic break. HELP! I don’t want to end up in the hospital!


Have you tried that ?


Yeah, my pharmacy can’t get Haldol right now either. My Haldol was recently changed from a daily med to 1 mg PRN, and I don’t take it anymore.


This happens to me all the time. The pharmacy orders more, and it always arrives before I run out.


Oh, sorry. I didn’t realize it was such a widespread shortage. Does your doctor have samples by chance?


I will try that tomorrow. I’m way too freaked out today even on Klonopin to attempt to try to sound coherent with strangers. I feel bad for the poor woman at Walgreen’s who gave me the news, I started crying and saying they didn’t understand, I’m schizophrenic and I NEED my Haldol. I should send her flowers for her bravery…


Sorry. You said that’s what you did not what you were told to do.


I’ve heard there’s a national shortage of 2 mg Haldol but never thought I’d have a problem with twennies…God, I hope I don’t have to change meds, about the only way I’d be safe to do it would be in the hospital.


Our posts are crossing each other. Apologies!


I wish, but Haldol’s such an old med, she doesn’t keep samples of it. I’ve put in a call to her to give her a heads up.


Okay I’ve called every pharmacy in town. It’s on manufacturer backorder until January 28. So national shortage. Only one company making it.

I am now officially melting down. I’m gonna have change meds from a very high dose of Haldol FAST to something else within a month.

Have a call in to my pdoc. Just saw her yesterday but this is an emergency. May have to see her again next week to get started ASAP so I don’t end up in the hospital…oh God, I am so freaked out right now!!!


:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:


This might be a stupid question but is it just the 20mg pills that aren’t available? Are e.g. 10mg pills available?


Nope. I am so freaked out right now, thanks for talking tome!!


There’s gotta be some way to get the medicine… you need it, that should be the top priority for everyone on your treatment team. They need some emergency samples, what is happening to you is not fair.


You have to call your psychiatrist right away. The weekend is coming up and nobody will be around.


I called my pdoc at home since she’d given me the number in case of emergency. She was very calm and said she would call the state hospital tomorrow and see if they have any they can transfer any over. She also said we could try sourcing it from a Canadian pharmacy.

She said not to worry, the worst that will happen is we’ll temporarily reduce the Haldol and supplement it with something else. Take my meds as usual for tonight and she’ll call me back with a solution tomorrow.

The voice of reason. That and i took my first Propranolol to calm down…


Yay! That sounds like good news. :sunny:


Can you try getting the injection?


Now I’m freaked out because that’s what I take. This is not good news