Advice on Finding a New Psychiatrist

Does anyone have advice on finding a new psychiatrist?

I’m looking for a new psychiatrist (or pdoc), because my pharmacy can’t fill my Haldol prescription due to the U.S. Haldol tablet shortage, and my current psychiatrist won’t see me until December 6th.

The psychiatric industry as a whole doesn’t seem to account for the fact that when we don’t have a big supply of medication, it is an emergency. An “I might go crazy if I don’t have enough of a supply to cross taper if prescribed” type of emergency. They seem to just default to: Oh, we aren’t here for emergencies. If you have and emergency, dial 911.

It’s nuts. I started calling psychiatric offices, but everyone seems booked up. Too many crazy people, not enough psychiatrists, it seems.

Again, does anyone have advice on finding a new psychiatrist?

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