Anyone take haldol?

What dose worked for you?

What did it do?

I have taken 1.0 mg for 40 years. However, I have not been able to obtain it from drug stores since December 2018. The only manufacturer in my dose quit making it in bottles .


I get the shot. 75 mg. It helps with my voices. I still here voices though.

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I take 2.0mg. Some hellla of a drug peeps

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raises hand

I currently use 0.5mg. Im not sure whether that works or im not currently psychotic anyway. I suspect it just blunts my feelings a bit.

I have periods with symptoms still, in which case i take about 2-3mg as a crisis intervention. For about a week. That happened perhaps 4 times the last year. On such a dose it numbs feelings (fear…), slows my thinking and makes it less associative and it makes me sleep all day. It stops psychosis acutely, but it makes me depressed in return.


@anon73478309 @robertc that’s the dose of haldol you take plus nothing else?

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Yes. As i said, i take more prn. Because it works so immediately and i take it right away when things get bad, this works.


That’s awesome, 0.5 is very little like you would not take anything.

Do you have symtoms?

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I currently just have major stress and wild emotions but that is probably healthy in my situation (mum dying + losing job + moving house in a few weeks). Im not psychotic now.

I have normally got regular delusional thoughts and anxiety though. I manage it with my…thinking?!? And prn haldol if it starts to get uncontrollable. It isnt a very relaxed way of living.


I also take 50 mg Seroquel for sleep. Will try 1 mg Prolixin instead of Haldol since I can not find my dose of Haldol.

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Highest dose of the pills was 30 mgs a day. But i was also taking 160 mgs of latuda

I used to be on 30 mg of Haldol too. I was on that for four years, but then the U.S. national Haldol shortage happened. Not long after that, I changed to Zyprexa and it’s been my miracle drug. I was not stable even on 30 mg of Haldol, but I’m fine with only 7.5 mg of Zyprexa.

I understand that Haldol is still in shortage. Last time I checked, there were some sources of generic Haldol that had permanently discontinued it. I didn’t like the idea of not knowing when I would be cut off from finding my primary med, so I’m glad I’m off it.


I’m on 1 mg Haldol. It seems to reduce my headache substantially.

Worried about running out of it though, since manufacturers seem to be scaling down the supply.

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I wanna try it too and see how it works…1 to 5mg on a prn basis.

It is prescribed to me as 2.5 or 5 mg twice a day, but I usually just take one 5 mg tablet in the morning. As far as I’m concerned I can be crazy while sleeping, don’t care; I care about how crazy I am while I’m awake. I know I should take it twice a day, though, given its half-life.

It had been 1 to 2 mg prn, but now it’s a scheduled med for me.

There is no shortage of 5 mg tablets; it’s just the 1 mg and 2 mg that are affected.

I also receive Abilify shots, 400 mg every three weeks.

Do you also use a daily/maintenance AP?

I used to hate haldol, but now im quite okay about it, especially how fast it works prn. Hope it works for you.

Do know though that if you take it prn there might be more side effects, in my experience, because your body doesnt get used to it.

I don’t, the atypical ones exacerbate my ocd intrusive thoughts. They do that…on the other hand, haldol doesn’t do that as badly, according to an argument posted on sarah nee koch’s site…I was convinced that haldol is the best option of antipsychotics for treating ocd if anything.

Also, I get psychotic and manic, its quick and strong. It puts that stuff to rest.

I read it can knock you into depression…for that, I’ve got lamotrigine.

There’s also less weight gain.

On a prn basis, no need to worry about eps…it causes that, an advantage of the much newer atypical antipsychotics is that they don’t do that.

Still, haldol is a great drug, I’d reckon, and I wanna talk to my pdoc about it.

I have undiagnosed ocd (obsessions, mainly). Im not sure how haldol influences it. I feel antipsychotica in general worsened it.

I hated haldol at first, because it indeed made me depressed. And sleepy. But when i went to a lower daily dose and for the rest just prn, i liked it better. For prn: it is quick, but only works if you are aware in time that meds are needed. This is sometimes a little scary, in the past i have crashed and lost insight and became afraid of meds before i could take it. Only if that isnt an issue for you, i would recommend prn use.

For daily use i prefer very low dose haldol over newer meds. E.g. abilify didnt work and made me restless, zyprexa had all the bad issues of haldol for me PLUS all sorts of other side effects. Haldol is quite “clear” in that it just knocks me out right away and i know what to expect.


I take haldol 3mg at night. It is a weird drug, only been on it a little bit. But it makes me more ‘manic’ or hypomanic. It certainly helps though with the duration of sleep that I get. I sleep maybe 10-12 hours.

I also (subjective) feel dumber? on it for some reason. I like paliperidone the best.
Hope this helps. Oh and no other side effects. like other 1st generation psychotics.

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I usually am…I need an ap right now, I’ve got psychotic mania, I’m delusional…and also still quite manic. I think haldol might knock me out of that.

That would work fine for me.