To mention or not


My psychiatrist appointment is on wed. I figured I would share with him my recent accomplishment of attaining a weapons carry permit I mean that is a big thing for a schizo how many schizos you know with a state weapons carry permit. But I thought it could backfire it all depends on him and how he reacts to the stigma. Hey I totally support the responsibility of schizos with firearms but we get a bad rap on the news sandy hook for instance then it turns into a gun control thing rather than a mental health. So nay to all who oppose or yay for all who are for it.


nobody needs a gun…unless you are in a war zone…just my opinion.
take care :alien: ( don’t shoot the messenger…lol )
and to the question ’ nay ’


You have no idea except your overly witty humor do you. Take care with your opinions your response appreciated. You have several anti gun millionaires who think they can just buy our rights. Perhaps an armed civilian will save your life one day. I’m not going to mention it. I forgot how psychiatrists deal with tens of incompetent people so if they were to hear something positive but against their ideal I may just keep it concealed. Thanks


america must be a very violent place if you need a gun to protect yourself. in the uk, guns are illegal, only the police and the army are allowed them and even in the police it’s only specialist units that have them. there is virtually no gun crime here at all so no need to own one. i feel much safer knowing that if the worst happens and i do get attacked i’m not gonna get shot and killed and nor will i have to pull the trigger and kill someone. i am 40 years old and i only know of three gun incidents in my lifetime, all but one were committed by people with mental health issues. i think that people whose capacity for rational thought fluctuates should not be allowed to own a gun. just my opinion. obviously you must have been stable for a long period of time but you seem to have an aggressive personality judging by your response to darksith. i can only hope that aggression doesn’t stretch to your trigger finger.


In Oklahoma it is a crime to own a gun and be mentally ill. What state do you live in @Schizoflux ??


Basically the article says that there are more gun deaths in the U.S. than any other country. And yes, we are a VERY violent country.

As a comedian once said about us, " Just look at our national Anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner”. We are one of the few countries whose national anthem promotes violence, lol. “Bombs bursting, rockets going off” Our very heritage promotes violence,lol.


Before they initiated the five day waiting period there were two times I was psychotic and bought a gun. They gave me this list of questions on a sheet of paper. One of the questions was - “Have you ever been in a mental hospital?” I was in a mental hospital when I bought the first gun. The first time I bought a .38 revolver for suicide. I chickened out. The second time I bought a .22 automatic for self defense. I thought people were trying to get me to kill myself. I wasn’t going to walk into a crowd and open up, but if someone had walked up behind me a little fast I might have turned around and shot them. I was paranoid.


People who lose the ability to distinguish between reality and fantasy should not be allowed to carry lethal weapons.


What was that in the news a while back in the uk a black man stabbed to death a former military, now if a citizen had been armed justice would have been served sorry but the uk are gun control freaks totally different ideology america was founded on the constitution.


Oklahoma is quite mentally ill to live in tornado zones with trailers etc. to begin with. Its like move to another location these tornadoes keep causing destruction but you wont move actually that is mentally retarded. I aint even sweating oklahoma


Don’t look for trouble , or it will find you.

Basically I’m saying the odds of you ever having to use a gun is slim to none unless your doing some thing sketchy or hanging out in sketchy places


Not the best argument. Many people live in areas where a natural disaster can occur. Maybe everyone should move from the Philippines to another country to avoid hurricanes or typhoons? Maybe everyone in California should move to Nevada to avoid earthquakes? I admit some people in natural disaster zones don’t take normal precautions. But sometimes you can’t avoid floods, fires, earthquakes, or other acts of God.


I define trouble as not having a backup when I am bow hunting and a 300lb feral hog charges me. I can tell just the generalization of anti gun on here. I can sense out on a limb that yall couldnt even pass the background let alone carry one responsibly. Isnt that the truth?


That’s fair. In my town many people own rifles for hunting etc I’ve shot my share of guns . I don’t own one though. My friend has various tactical rifles and semi autos.


that’s quite offensive, I won’t post on your threads anymore. you’re an ■■■■■■■.


Maybe you should let off some pheromones instead. Let it sniff your crotch. The goal of all feral hogs is universal communication.


I use scent blockers Malvok they will not get that close to do any crotch sniffing although I had some dogs in the past they were bonafide crotch sniffers. Universal language is what humans especially city folk do not understand. They never communed with nature in those high rise sky scrapers. Phermones are olfactory driven. Olfaction system in schizos maybe nullified quite a bit. Olfactory bulbs trigger memories and a bunch of cool stuff.


My apologies if you cant take a little bluntness and shake it off than you have no sense of humor at all. I used to be combative and defensive until I met a female counter part who wouldnt let me breathe the way I wanted. She was psycho analyzing everything I said and wad being a hypocrite. I told her don’t text me back and give me some peace. And no offense to you Its just that sometimes we get easily offended. And it is really no big deal. Like if I dont come off in a manner that pushes buttons then none of it would be worth reading. So please accept my apology as Icannot guarantee sugar coating in all I type.


“you gotta’ be mentally retarded to live in a state where there are tornadoes” is basically what you told me. Oh I do believe you are trying to be offensive.


I am in the NRA and now one issue that I disagree with is that civilians really do not have the necessity to carry AR-15’s with 30 rd magazines. Except if you talk with Ted Nugent he will tell you otherwise. Mr. Nugent rides in helicopters from the sky shooting feral hogs below with modified automatic AR’s. Much power to him. But you got over seas terrorism with AK-47’s where they practice Sharyia law with them strapped to their backs telling muslims her face shroud is too revealing tell her to cover her face better. You want that crap over here, I like freedom You can have power.