Schizophrenia and owning weapons

I couldn’t sleep very well last night and I was reading a post i found about gun ownership and mental illness. After doing some research I found that many states have a law against people with mental illnesses owning firearms or other weapons.

Is it legal where you live to own a weapon of any sort with your diagnosis? Are there any restrictions? Do you agree with this law?

Oklahoma law prohibits transferring a weapon to “a mentally or emotionally unbalanced person,” though the definition stops there.

So out of all the information I found it looks like the burden is on the seller of the weapon to assess the buyers mental capacity to own the weapon. Considering some of the other laws I have seen this seems fairly non-restrictive.

It’s regulated in our state of Washington.

I don’t care one way or the other. I never wanted to own a gun except when I was trying to kill myself. Looking back, I’m glad I didn’t own a gun then. When I got stable and no longer wanted to die, I had no urge to own a gun. Still don’t.

A gun in this house would be a the beginning of a tragic accident. My sister babysits so many curious little fingers, there are nieces and nephews and neighbor kids around. I’d hate to have a gun in the house.

I fish, not hunt… I live near a downtown core of a large city. What am I going to hunt? I’m a city mouse. I admit it. Except for yesterday oddly enough… gun violence in my city is very very low. I’ve never been mugged by gun point. I’ve been mugged by butter knife point and broken bottle point, but never gun point.

More people get hit by cars in our city then shot. The car is more lethal here, but I’m still allowed to drive. Restrictive gun law’s don’t bother me. With as much drama and trauma that has been in this family… I am glad I never owned a gun. The only gun owner in the family is our Mom. She’s a deadly shot. The rest of us? No. Not gun people. Never had the need.

Also, I am a pacifists.


You know years ago (think wild west) there were actual reasons for everyone to own a gun. It was a lawless period, predators like wolves and bears were everywhere, crossing onto peoples land, and threatening their lives. People back then needed to hunt. It wasn’t a sport like it is today - people now - today can go to their local supermarket and actually but their food, no need to kill wild animals. Today there is no need in the world to own a gun. Guns are pointless. If you are law enforcement, or in the military then sure you need to carry a gun. My cousin is a cop, he carries a gun everywhere he goes, this is understandable. Even law abiding citizens do not need to carry a gun, guns are simply unnecessary - hunting is a cruel sport. Murdering animals for sport is sheer nonsense. Can’t you tell I don’t like guns?


I asked a friend one time and he said medicated and declared in remission schizophrenics can own guns. Which is good, because in my city you sort of need one. But I havent researched it myself, just taking a friends word for it- hes an EMT so I took his word.

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I think what is really funny is that my body is a lethal weapon, I am trained in Krav Maga and am a competitive powerlifter. I know how to take a gun (any type of gun) from someone holding me up and then use it against them. Like if someone got near me with a shotgun, I know how to take it from them, hit them in the face with the butt of the gun simulatenously kicking them in the groin then shoot them with it. Handguns I can take away in less than two seconds. I also know how to smoke someone with my body alone, given that I am wearing shoes…lol

So violent. I am glad you are confident in your safety though.


I am rather attracted towards violence. I was always wanting to play sword fight as a kid, and I would hit other kids hard with toy lightsabers and swords. My dad says I carried some sort of stick around the house once I started walking, and would sometimes hit someone with it. Red has been my favorite color since I was born. I love redheads, so Freud would have something to say about me getting sex and violence mixed up, as red is the color of passion, danger and violence and I get turned on by people with blood red hair. Its a rather distracting fetish, I dont like how I feel compelled to ask everyone with deep red hair out. Luckily not many people have hair like that. But some do, and I feel like I want to do things with them.

Just a little more of mouse’s brain that not many people know about.


If we ever meet please don’t bring weapons around me. I like red heads too.

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LOL yeah I keep a sense of humor about myself though. Like the other day my cousin and I were just chilling and he was like “look at my new switchblade” and I showed him how to use a knife and then got him to get a pen with the top on it and come at me like it was a knife. In a second he was bent over with the pen pressed against his neck. Such a cool party trick, “yo, come at me with a knife, it will be cool”

So I showed him the basic knife defenses and how to use a knife offensively. They dont teach you much about offense, only basics in Krav Maga. I got my hands on combat manuals to learn offense.

I have the textbooks on Krav Maga too, there is crazy ■■■■ in the black belt book, like how to disarm someone charging at you holding a rifle with a bayonet.

I don’t know what I would do if someone was going to assault me or break into my home. Some days I feel like I would welcome the beating like I deserve it. But I don’t want K to get hurt.

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Get your fiance to buy a gun for home defense if you feel the need. No offense but your fiance looks rather petite, so dont buy a large caliber gun or the recoil with make the gun hit her in the face. But hey thats only if you think you need it. In my city, its almost common sense to own a gun, you would be surprised how many mellow people have concealed carry permits here. One of my teachers in high school casually mentioned how she keeps a .38 revolver in her purse when she goes out.

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I would be very upset if I were denied a permit to own/carry a gun. I plan on obtaining both in the near future as I enjoy shooting and would also like to hunt.

I am a peaceful person and even in the grips of sz, I’ve never been a danger to anyone else. I can see why the laws exist, because some ARE a danger to others, but I would still be upset.

It won’t if she learns how to shoot it properly.

K is a very proficient shot. She can hit 90% of the clay pigeons at the furthest distance they throw them. Before I got really sick I taught her how to shoot a .308 and a .338 long rifles. She was able to get a silver dollar grouping at 500 yards.

I don’t own any weapons anymore.

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You might be surprised what that petite girl can do. =)


I’m proud of her and I don’t even know her. Lol.


I have never seriously considered getting a gun. But going to the shooting range and shooting targets was fun!


I’m in California, and after I got discharged from a 14-day involuntary mental health inpatient hold, they told me I’m prohibited from owning guns for 5 years. You can petition the court though if you want to fight the restriction.

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I always wanted to own a firearm but I would probably end up shooting myself eventually lol.