Guns and the mentally ill

the paper this morning says obama is trying to expand the laws that keep guns from the mentally ill.
i live in california, and i get hospitalized against my will in psych hospitals regualarly, last one maybe a year back.

only once, my first time in California, in san diego, i was 5150’d and they asked me to sign a document that says i can’t own a gun for A FEW YEARS which has already expired.
First of all, they asked me if i wanted to sign it, didn’t force it.
I said “SURE I’ll sign, and do you have one for automobiles? Cause I’m real dangerous with those, too.”

And I think I made a good point.

Take away our guns but hand us motor vehicles, which can be used the same way ???

So now they have new proposals, any body in patient or out patient can be denied a gun.
Doubt they’ll be able to pass that.
Cause this country wants me to have a gun. They know i’m crazy and they made me sign that thing once, but they still want me to buy a gun.

so i see this this morning, and my first thought is, better go start stock piling guns before this law comes into effect.

but honestly i would rather they locked me down properly - onderdonk, no guns for you, anywyere ever, (not just for 5 years till i “get over it” cause i never ever ever do, still mad since 12 years old), and also no cars, ever, anywhere, for you. You can’t even ride in them as a passenger, cause you might fight for the wheel, no, you are restricted to busses and trains, or just start walking.


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A lot of killing in Seattle is hit and run drivers and the Bike vs. car war. Not a lot of shooting in Seattle. But a lot of stabbing deaths. So your right… Cars and ice picks should be under observation as well… :wink:

As far as guns and myself personally… I’m fine without one. I’ve said it before, now that I WANT to live, I’d most likely have some horrid accident learning how to use it.

I am against guns. No one should be allowed to own guns including cops. Like in many europian countries. But since the cops will always carry gun than i think everyone should be allowed to own a gun… I myself own a gun. I locked the gun and gave the key to my sister, so whenever i decide to go shooting my sister will see if i am in psychosis, if i am she will not let me have it. I just like the idea because on my last psychosis i thought of using it. When i got well i just didn’t like the thought that i had.

I think everyone should be trained how to use a gun safely and responsibly,
whether or not you own one, and if you don’t think you can do either, then don’t.
But, how many people kill with guns that arn’t the registered owner? Happens way to often, but news treats it like the fair weather report. Only when it’s sensational do people pay attention, much like car vs airline crashes. How many people die in car crashes every day-to many! Yet one at a time barely gets our attention unless we know them personally, but, one airline crash with multiple fatalities is so much more interesting news.
I personally don’t like the idea of the government telling me I can’t have a gun to protect myself when some creep ass punk can break into my house to steal my things I bought and not be able st shoot them, yet they can me-with an unregistered, stolen gun.
Do people seriously think these little gangsta punks purchase their guns of choice? Maybe only those white, male, 18-25 year olds who shoot up schools do, or mamma?
Maybe the ban ought to include the white, male, 18-25 year olds without friends? Think about it.

I sometimes feel offended at the thought of not being allowed to own a gun. That said, I don’t want a gun, and if I had one, I would simply use it to shoot myself. But I definitely think that the mentally ill should be allowed to drive cars. I have a car, and have never caused an accident in it. I need it to get around. The bus service around here is terrible.

I personally would never purchase a gun. I think we are a nation obsessed with cowboys, thugs, and cops.
Just look at our entertainment history and culture. But I do believe in freedom, this means if as a society we ban guns or even the amount of guns, what would they ban next? They are already starting to target us, the MI and we are becoming the scapegoats to all of the violence happening in this country. They might require us all to carry special ID’s with our medical information - they might have cops patrol and monitor neighborhoods or streets where schizophrenics or other people with severe mental illnesses live. I do not like where this all could be leading to.

i live in the uk and i’m glad that we r not permitted guns in this country. that way the only people who have them r criminal gangs that only target each other and police swat teams. i feel much safer knowing that i can’t b shot in my own country…raped, stabbed, strangled, etc yes but not choked. it means that many more people survive violent crimes than they do in america. having said that i’d like to visit america one day.

I think targeting the mentally ill for gun control is not some sort of real protection. Most of the people who commit violent crimes are not mentally ill–they’re just angry and/or poor. Bringing about economic justice would be a much better solution to reducing violence.

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I am against guns. Therefore I don’t really care if I can ever own one, I never wanted to anyways, I don’t intend on using one. I rather think I should avoid the ghetto (I live in Memphis, the ghetto’s here are fucking dangerous)

Okay… Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. A inanimate object does not work unless it is used by a person. The notion that we need more EXECUTIVE FEDERAL MANDATED GUN control Laws by Obama aka Obeezy is just more nails in the US citizens freedom coffin. I grew up in the streets I consider myself a versatile well rounded person because I have friends in all walks of life black, white and Hispanic. Our country has become the SURVEILLANCE COMMUNITY of it’s own residence. The crime rates across the whole USA has dropped to some of the lowest it has ever been comparable to the late 1960s early 70s in some of the worst Cities in America. With that said, going after the mentally ill to say that putting more stipulation on trying to keep guns out of their hands (the people who hear VOICES) (SCHIZOPHRENICS) it really makes no sense. You can get a gun without going to a store or a dealer or without a background check. They take away things little by little every generation then that the next generation will already submit without any problem like it’s the norm. All those foul incidents of school shootings are definitely complete tragedy and I could never even image any family having to go through that. Making the Mentally ill out to be the scapegoat to put more laws on the books for political posturing is all I see this subject is for. I used to go shooting with my Uncle but I’m not some crazy gun fanatic that doesn’t know right from wrong that happens to have VOICES. I work, I take care of my children and I’m a law abiding citizen who contributes to stand for all that is moral. This won’t keep any guns out of anybody’s hands. Period!

a lightsaber is my weapon of choice !
take care


americans love guns for some rson this is a deabte i had with a merkin about guns i said why do you need a gun he said to protect my house against a maniac who wants to break into my house i said whats rong with a baeball bat he said youd have a job protecting yourself from someone breakimng into your house with a gun with a baseball bat i said if you didnt all have guns you wouldnt have to worry about it and he didnt say a thing.
get a burglar alarm?
the thing is that guns kill people. wether its the drunk man who has too many beers and shoots his wife.
or wether is the messed up kid who grabs daddies gun to blow away half the school whats good about that? i dont get it…
in order to stop anyone usimg a gun you need to keep it in a safe which is not going to be handy in a split second when someones breaking in otherwise kids/teenagers other people or animals in geberal could set it off.
then they say well i go hunting aswell and thats where i think a lot of it comes from i went out on saturday and caught me a deer …well done you just killed a sentient being.:frowning:

hey i object -
the death penalty for theft?
i’d break into your house and take your stuff.
really, free euthanasia?

and on the beautiful idealistic world without guns -

i read a short story a very long time ago, as a kid, and nothing ever in life dispelled it.
weird story, about guns being invented.
devil came up with it, got them invented.
got a guy to start the smith and wesson company or something.
werdest plot:
company gets bigger, guys get richer,
guns take off worldwide,
arms race of all history,
company just gets bigger and bigger.
story ends. devil comes out to make a statement at the end.
he says don’t ask me the point of this story,
\and he slams his fist on the table…

also, a 9 year old niece wrote an idealistic story set like a thousand years in the future.
guns had been outlawed a long time ago.
but the government had all the super weapons and abused the citizens.
and then the citizens found an old gun, and the warfare began anew…

so i have a hard time entertaining the idea of a world without guns.

on local tv, “Me TV”, they show all these westerns,
and there;s this commercial where they flash like 6 different famous gunfighter heros of tv shows in like a couple seconds.

And the demons in me go :smile:
“Every body shoot everybody everywhere across time!”

(specially the sentient)

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IDK, wonderdonkey, if you broke into my house you’d have to have a death wish. I don’t shoot until I can see the face of the person shooting, and it would have to be very up close, if you get my drift…
Meaning you’d have to be physically attacking me, not running out of the house with (pretty much useless) stuff. Things are not worth dying over.

Ive had my house broken into while I was inside, just gone to bed. Didn’t react like I thought I would. After a 911 call and a lot of police, we found one bedroom trashed, and an open back door. After looking at the room much later, I realized it wasn’t someone breaking in, but, trying to get OUT!
I forgot I had nailed all the windows shut, hehehe. Never figured out who it was.

What’s wrong with a baseball bat? Proximity! Do you realize how close you have to be to someone to hit them? Consider the damage done if you miss and hit objects in the house.
Worse yet, if you don’t knock the person out on the first try, they will more than likely take the bat and hit a few home runs on your head.

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If someone was breaking in to my house and I called 911 it would take at least a half hour for the deputy sheriff to get here. As I get older I become more vulnerable to a young punk that wants what is mine.
My shotgun is the great equalizer.

From the country Ridgerunner

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property rights, what a horrible delusion!!!

It is not property rights I’m thinking about. But if someone breaks in while I’m here. I can’t be sure what there intentions are. So I’m thinking of my rights to life.
I do have cameras for when I’m not here. They don’t shoot to kill.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

well someone could easily grab your gun and use it on you aswell and whats better a sore head or a life lost?

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The only reason I would ever point a gun at someone is to kill them, so In my mind, I had better be certain it is someone I want dead. The only reason to shoot to kill is if my life depended on doing so.
Pointing a gun at someone is last defense, because you never know if the other person has a wepon too, then the person left standing would be who ever is the quickest.
Guns are not toys or motivators, they are as ridgerunner stated “Equilizers” and should only be used when your life is in emminant danger. Period.