Threats from a cross-gender

very depressing. They so fight being themselves. As a citizen, one can’t help feeling somehow responsible. I’ve often said we’re all in this together, but what to do when one has forced him/herself out.

Have sympathy. It difficult to empathize on more than general levels when gender/sexualities are involved.

They’ve had a struggle in their minds that you will never know. It is a part of who they are. In this society where the pressure is to conform, those who are outcasts are truly different. They still think, they breath, they bleed.

Treat them as humans. That’s all you can do.

Forgiveness etc.

I don’t think they trust love. I think love is rejected by them.

"Remember, nobody wins unless everybody wins.”
Bruce Springsteen.

To say that is to generalize. Might be the case with some of “them”.

As much as it might be the case for anyone else.

Maybe there is a conflict between their desires for love and their desire to be fully understood.

I define people with my eyes closed, and my mind open.
Appearances can be deceiving, but behavior is not.
Just my 2cents

Understood? Maybe it’s as simple as their mother wanting and expecting them to be the opposite sex that they are. So, for security, they are back in the womb, being cross gender. How could a fetus understand all that?

My concern isn’t cross-genders, it’s people pretending to be cross-genders and using that as an excuse to get into a change room with my kid.


Lol you might be projecting a bit. There are probably some books you can read.

I can imagine their confusion as an extension of my own. Sometimes drastic conclusions have to be made to feel like a real person. To feel unique. I don’t really know though. My shits not like that.

I’m definitely a dude. A dude who has loved women.

Still I have exposed myself to the confusion. Not that it’s confusion for everyone. That’s just how some people are.

I still ain’t your average hetero though. Those folks are ■■■■■■■ assholes.

I know I’m projecting saying them as are you “those folks”. Whatever makes mother happy is what tends to happen.

In your world…

So I can identify with cross gender because my mother wanted a boy. I’m sure it’s the cause and not just me. Motherhood can be the abuse of power as can being a doctor.

Whatever you don’t have to do anything different. We all love you.

I don’t know what’s up with cross genders it’s just what they do.

I’d rather people just did what they wanted without any cosmetic surgeries involved.

Dat shits creepy.

Unless your born tranny and you want to loose the dick… That’s ok.

God what am I talking about.

Imma drop out of this one.

Like I mentioned, it’s a threatening subject. I’m not cross gender, just have tendencies to be a stupid tomboy and then punishing it.

Cross-genders live a hard life. Because of that I have sympathy for them.


So one threatened you though? What’s that about?

Gerald Ford-Leslie KIng

As I mentioned, to sincerely accept your sympathy would blow their whole way.

President Gerald ford was shot dead today…

President Gerald ford was attacked by a pack of ravenous wolfs today.

Anyways I got no clue what your talking about.