Should I become Female?

For about a year and a half I have had strange thoughts. These consist of looking into the mirror and wishing I was a woman, or having a strong urge to crossdress. I have no reason to do this other than I want to. The problem is I am too fat, I would have to lose 40-50lbs to have the ideal body for crossdressing. Back in December of 2020 I tried crossdressing with my stepmom’s clothes and I was gagging from disgust. Maybe if I try it with more modern and girly clothes and drag hip pads I can avoid this reaction. My priest told me I won’t be any happier doing this but I don’t know about that. He also said the strange thoughts are demons. My rational will does not want it but my irrational will does.

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I don’t think we use the word “tranny” anymore.

But those thoughts are not demons.

You should feel free to explore them and if you’re into dressing like a woman,

Do it.

Try it out.


Please edit your post to remove that word. It is considered a slur against trans folk.

Only in the automotive sense, and with discretion because we messed up poor @ninjastar the last time we discussed vehicles we used to own.



Oh yeah, I remember that.

It’s common automotive slang for transmission. Not intended to be derogatory to transgendered or non-binary.

I know. Just saying I remember that thread.

I used to work on cars a little with my ex.

Sorry man that is just the name I came up with no offense meant by it. I edited my post. I am so confused, it doesn’t help that my self will is split in two.

Yeah, but mansplaining to you is fun!

[ hides back under couch and puts on helmet to protect braaaainzzzzz ]

Its stoll in there. The second time used near where your priest said it was demons. Thanks for the first edit.

And the demon thing is not true. Don’t worry about that.

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You mean you have correctile dysfunction.


I can’t top that. I just can’t.

You win Teh Intarwebz today.



I transitioned almost a decade ago and have had all the surgeries. It is a long road… I am not promoting it, however, they also monitor for that at the hospital with tests, even though some sz patients successfully transitioned. It takes much effort and patience. I don’t regret it, but it has been a such a difficult road… not only the transition itself, but having to deal with society and the opinions of others and the media.

As a transperson myself I just want a normal life and be left alone, and wished people would not speak for me, as they don’t know anything about it.

Crossdressing is something different. I only cross dressed once when I was very young, but it is not something that has anything to do with being trans, although some do.

But I am not a psych, perhaps you could discuss it with your psych. A priest isn’t a psych either, he is not licensed in psychiatry.

Wishing you good luck and searching for yourself, because I know how that journey feels.

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Do you still take hormones??

I often sleep naked and when I do… I do feel quite girly(not always) hah don’t no what to make of it. Perhaps, the notion of being vulnerable should be given more credit.

We all feel vulnerable at times… to expect that we don’t is inhuman. Nothing but fiberous sack of grass we are…

Actually more importantly we are entirely impressive… I mean the Earth was a barren place… and there was plants and fish… and now us… Approximately 1.5 to 2 meters talls… somewhere between 50 and 150 in weight…

This object… this human being as it is… has almost no respect for depth of it’s own natural qualities. I mean we have hair, teeth, tongues… toes… We are actually prepared for anything.

… The only thing we are doing wrong is not letting ourselves live outdoors

Yes I still take hormones.

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Kind of agree, but outdoors has lot of ticks… can get very ill from them. I guess nature tells us that Humans are not supposed to live outdoors.

All I mean to say is that time outdoors running free without judgment or purpose… just climbing and swimming and stealing the nuts and berries before the squirrels catch that they’re blooming… It dreamy life filled with hard ships we don’t wanna face…

but just emulate it just go outside… get a bike… try to feel free. when I smell dirt it makes me realize how good my food tastes.


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