Mental illness and transsexualism

I confess to being muddled on the issue relating to my experiences. Was psychosis in the way of delusional obsession a basis for my transsexual beliefs which lessened as i became less acutely ill, or was the lessening to do with a coping mechanism faced by the fact that transition was never going to happen due to my psychiatric diagnosis.
Even if i was truly transsexual(my thoughts on it started relatively late at 8-9) one problem for me was that of socially interacting with others. It could be seen that a difficulty with interacting with others in one’s birth sex would be a barrier to coping in one’s desired sex . This raises the question of aspergers or similar and GID.
There may indeed be some unfortunates who whilst transsexual are not equipped to cope with the issues of transitioning.

One of my first psychiatrists went on to head the gender identity clinic.

Someone asked me how i felt about my the diminished feelings. I think i’m grateful in that i’m not getting frustrated chasing an impossible dream. One other thing that crosses my mind is that it is both possible to be transsexual and yet have psychotic thoughts re gender and sex.

For example my thoughts on wanting to be female started at 8-9 and nothing delusional was going on. By 13 i was fantasising about having a baby but accepted it was just a fantasy. By the time i reached my late teens i had graduated to thinking i could have female orgasms if i tried hard enough and wondering whether i had internal female sexual parts. Another thing i used to do is look for body changes.

What really lessened these thoughts which popped up periodically, even after i obsessed less about changing sex, was consistently being on medication.

As the above shows more delusional thoughts came some time after thinking about wanting to change sex. Perhaps for a very small number of people there is a trajectory of transsexualism followed by psychosis resulting in comorbid psychosis and GID.


Wow dude thats interesting I never hear people talk about transexual tendencies. I personally am glad I’m a man. No period no pregnancy. I do however have a lot of bisexual tendencies. When i was psychotic I thought the punishment for being bisexual was Id get turned into a transexual. This process would be administered involuntarily as punishment for breaking straight peoples cultures surrounding homosexuality. I dont really see why anyone would go through with a sex change operation. If you wanna be a girl get ■■■■■■ in the ass. Anycase sex is pretty gross unless its done right. and I think you’re more talking about gender identity issues so Im just going to stop talking.

One of my close friends is a transsexual. She is also bi-polar 1. I don’t know if that helps your theory or not.

I wish I was as pretty as some male to female transsexuals. I saw a picture of one and I though. This is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I wish I looked like her.
There are others too.
Soooooo pretty.

But getting a sex change? I think j posted some photos of some pretty attractive dudes who looked like girls a while ago so I know what your saying

This is interesting…I am bisexual but a top, which means I dont play the role of the woman. Ive never wanted to be female, that would suck. Im glad I have stronger muscles and a more aspergery mind. Men think more rationally, women think more emotionally. Gay, totally gay men are what puzzles me. Ive been with gay guys and they talk and behave rather like girls but when you actually talk real talk with them, they dont hesitate and think rationally and not emotionally, but then do all this gay drama the rest of the time.

One of my friends who is schizophrenic is also like me, bisexual and a top. He said there is some book about schizophrenics being bisexual rather often. I dunno, I like guys who are on the feminine side and girls who arent too feminine, preferably girls who are feminine but have some sort of masculine flair like badass tattoos or an usual hairstyle, like dyed hair or short hair. Its weird, I dont like princess-stereotype females and like gay guys and tomboyish girls. Its like I am looking for some medium between masculine and feminine.

I myself am masculine. Close buzz cut and built. Masculine face. No penises inside my body. I figured that one out by less than a minute of trying that. Not attracted to big bearded men. Nope. So much nope. Like all of the nopes in the world. Never, thats the word I am looking for. Never. But a guy who is smaller than me and rather feminine and has a pretty, not super masculine face? Yup. Long hair too? yup.

I think there is something to do with being bi, gay, lesbian and schizophrenic. Ive met a surprising number of people who arent straight on here, most of them bisexual.

I dunno, I cant help it. A guy who is not manly or a girl who is not super feminine is what I am attracted to. Im fascinated by it.

Anyways good post @firemonkey, I like the topic of sexual orientation in schizophrenics.

And I dont mean to get too into dirty details, but you posted about someone wondering if you could have female orgasms…well sort of. Prostate stimulation from gay sex can make guys ejaculate.

Please dont flag this as inappropriate, this is a serious topic and this isnt trash talk or mindless obscenities. Sexuality is something people should be able to talk about, its part of who we are and plays a role in our mental health. For some, coming out of the closet is a huge step in recovery.


I wouldn’t consider myself TS, though I identify more with girls, have been said to have the emotional makeup of a girl, and girl mannerisms at times.
However, have never been gay or bi and never even interested in it at all.
So much so that one time a guy i worked with made fun of me saying i flipped my pony tail like a girl and I said “I’m a girl in a guys body and I’m a lesbian…” yes, I actually said that and it stopped him in his tracks.
Never had any desire whatsoever to be a girl, and definitely not pregnant! I watched 2 of my kids born and no thanks…

It’s more likely because i was raised by females with very little male family or friends around that I just adapted to them and picked up mannerisms. I also had girl friends more than boy friends as a very young child…I mean friends, not relationships… Pictures from age 1 - 6 show me almost entirely with girls.
And I grew up in an age when that was taboo…girls were supposed to be yucky. this got me a lot of problems, being bullied and such or boys making girls kiss me, which i secretly didn’t mind but was embarrassing because of the laughter only. (I told the girls later it was really ok) LOL…

But transsexual? nah, I wouldn’t say so…I don’t desire to dress like a girl, or be a girl, or to be attracted to guys at all…
Just was raised around girls and by girls…and can relate to girls much better than guys. I used to hang around with 3 girls as a teenager and they joked and said i was their other girlfriend sometimes…We would brush each others hair and stuff, and one of them is the one who taught me to braid hair… I even went to an all girls sleepover campout and slept next to a girl close but didn’t do anything. I was 17 and the guys ranked on me bad for not trying to get it on with her. they just didn’t understand, she was a friend…

There are all kinds of ■■■■■■■ people… I just really hate how people live by stereotypes and I hate that people call ■■■■ gay they don’t even use the term appropriately. Oh well gotta live with these idiots. They’re not complete idiots but they certainly have some stupid tendencies. I’'ve said the lesbian in mans body to myself a few times, but I’m really not that feminine.

For what it is worth my fiancee is not very feminine either. Not all lesbians are. I however am very feminine.

I don’t really get for some reason I’m fascinated by gay stuff. I’ve only been with women but I do have so gay tendencies. I think it is mainly because a lot of people avoid it and put it down, probably because they don’t enjoy thinking about it. But that is a measure in which I have always wanted to be different. I don’t like that a lot of people have called me gay. It is the reason I went schizophrenic. I claim to be bisexual just to keep them all guessing. I like bisexuals more. I wish everyone was, cept that might be to gay even for me.

My psychosis was entirely sexual… Thinking less about sex is part of my road to recovery. I did however enjoy this conversation.

I think you need to go out there and be gay and just see if you feel any better

Although 57 i have had very limited sexual experience ie one person my late wife. First had sex at 26 and last at 33. To say i wasn’t very good would be an understatement. Before i met my wife i was told by a worker at a mental health activities centre that i should find a man and live with him as a woman.
Never had gay sex though if i was better at social interaction and forming friendships/relationships i wouldn’t discount such a possibility.
At school i had a crush on a boy in the year above and used to fantasise about being his girlfriend. I kept my thoughts to myself though.

I feel pretty good. I just contemplate my sexuality not many people do. I’m a weirdo and I’ve pretty much accepted that.

is that like dressing up in womens clothing? bc i’d do it at a fancy dress party i think but thats all

if you are talking about transgender…i think i’d like to keep my meat and veg lol, i might not use it as much as i’d like to but i just accept the way i am,

i have never fancied a guy bc i love women so much i dont really want to even talk to guys as much as i want to talk to women lol, t

the way i see it is if someone is gay and has a bf then thats awesome bc it means that there are two more ladies out there without a mate,

its all the more for us hetrosexuals :blush:

There is a difference between gender identity and sexual orientation.

Intersexed, Transgender, Transsexual these individuals can have the whole spectrum of sexual orientations too.

A MtF is an individual who believes they were born in the wrong body and would like to take steps to correct that. It is not in all cases that the individual also looks to be straight (read: attracted to men) There are MtF lesbians too.

The same applies to FtM’s.

Intersexed means an individuals sex was not able to be easily distinguished at birth and therefore the decision on gender and sex is often (wrongly I might add) left up to the parents or the doctor to determine. There are many intersexed conditions but genitals that don’t look completely male or female is the most common form of intersexed conditions seen in newborns. In some cases these individuals are raised as one gender and grow up felling like the other. Good parents will listen to their child and help them get the medical care they need to look like whichever gender they associate with more.

Sexual Identity: Who you want to bring back to your bed.

Gender Identity: What kind of clothes you will remove when you get there. (What bathrooms you use, how you socialize, etc…)

Edit: It should be noted that I understand that ones gender does not mean they are restricted to certain clothes. But my examples are based on what society would consider normal. I feel everyone can wear whatever makes them happy, I may not agree with their sense of fashion but I do agree with their right to wear it. Self-Identified males wearing dresses and high heels… whatever floats your boat… I might even comment that they look good on the right guy.


Woahh… Da ■■■■?

very good explanation. Yeah a lot of people dont really get the whole LGBT and gender and identity things. I know I like a cute girl and a cute guy. Being half gay is sort of not easy, some people talk some ■■■■. People who know me know not to (uh…psychopathic tendencies…theyre good for something)

No one who knows me has insulted me to my face about my sexuality. Thats because people who know me know that I am dangerous and proud of it. Im known to flip a â– â– â– â–  if I get insulted.

Most people can’t figure me out in this area. I think if it was a magical change I’d go female. I’d still be more inclined to be attracted to females though. Cosmic surgeries just to primitive to even think about. Although only time I really had the inkling to change was during a psychotic break. Begging the aliens in the house telepathically to turn me into a girl.

Was seeing a Jungian therapist awhile ago. He brought this up first session and without me prompting him. . His take on it was I’m trying to see life from both a male and female perspective. So there is just this constant battle between myself. Was about the only thing we did agree on.