Thoughtless, an hebephrenic

When Thoughless takes over me, he makes me whirl, shout, swear, jump, run, walk, fall on the ground, -million thoughts in my mind-, makes me do silly grimaces and gestures. I speak in tongues, I say neologisms etc.
It’s like delirium or ecstasy

I have a religious explanation for that, but I will get flagged again

Are you sure you don’t have DID?

Yes, of course I don’t have. I am there. I don’t lose time. I am witness of it all. If I had did I wouldn’t be able to know these things

At least you know this is happening to you. Doesn’t sound that distressing?

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It’s both distressing and ecstatic. You’re right, @anon47167357

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Is thoughtless the name of an entity that posseses you?


Yes, a voice that seems like a real entity

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Is thoughtless stress induced or just comes whenever?

In two cases: excitement that I can’t handle and stress that I can’t handle either

Have you noticed the cause of excitement or stress?

No, it’s subconscious, I think.
When I am happy, too happy, it gets out of control.
Or when I am stressed, even without realizing it.

Nozinan helps me stay away from ecstasy and psychomotor agitation. While in ecstasy, I can’t remember simple things. I lose my mind.
The psychiatrist said it was a psychotic episode

My ecstasy is like Bhava samadhi

I still feel this solipsism syndrome.
Could anyone persuade me that it’s a delusion?

Could anyone refute it?

It’s a delusion @Om_Sadasiva, you will see this someday

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Nothing can disprove it. Any argument is also a mental projection. I studied for years advaita vedanta and zen and sufi etc. literature.
I’m convinced it’s all a dream

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In the scriptures, it is said: world is like the son of a barren woman. Or like the horns of a hare.
Meaning, non existent

I think you should ask yourself why you think other people dismiss solipsism and others are attached to it

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