Om's Madhouse 3



Man this is a cool place to be.


Annette talks in poetry, and does the running commentary.
Isidore and Louisa are good and bad cop respectively. Lucifer commands me to kill or to be killed. Jesus tells me that I am the chosen one. Meher Baba says that I am the greatest Buddha of this era. Caitanya Mahaprabhu prays and chants hare krishna maha mantra


Do you know what happened to wallafish?


No. I worry cos he had quit meds.


Yeah I hope he is alright.


What are your voices saying at this moment?


Commenting whatever I think


My delusion at the moment is that government is probing my mind. I’ve had it for months and it’s hard to seperate that from reality.


What do you mean by probing?


I know every thought or image, it’s annoying to say the least


Reading my mind and controlling me


My voice told me that it is in full control of me and proved it by inserting thoughts. Did your voice also convince you of this delusion?


No actually visual hallucinations caused it, though I did have some voices


I’ve thought also that there maybe higher me or someone else controlling me in higher dimension


My voices convinced me of everything I was deluded about. What kinds of things did you visually hallucinate?


Shadows which I was convince were part of the government and were after me.


I get shadow passing in my bedroom every night even when lights aren’t even on


That’s how my schizophrenia really started.


I thought I heard my neighbor saying they were gonna hang me, so I ran away. I think that was my critical incident, though I was hearing mild voices for three years before (but very easy to manage type stuff)