Thoughtless, an hebephrenic

I don’t know. It seems reasonable. I can be sure only of my mind

I’m proposing a serious question. The more reasons you can come up for why other people are not “believing” in solipsism the more reasons you’ll have to dismiss the idea

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Popular ideas are usually false.
The crowd, the mob, is not thinking freely, but obeys the trends and what others dictate

In the world of ideas each one should be examined for what it is. Popularity has nothing to do with it

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You talked about others and popularity, but now you say Popularity is not important

I’m talking about arguments against solipsism. There may be no proof but there are arguments. Ie atheism and religion

But both arguments for and against solipsism are also in the mind

I don’t see a problem with that.

Solipsism is a maze wherein you lose your self, and you can’t find a way out

See this link for some interesting discussion

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I don’t believe in Solipsism. My argument is that this reality exists but there is a much more real reality outside it called base reality which is as real as it gets. Something exists, not nothing. It’s hard to find any examples of nothing including empty space.

I mean I even disagree with solipsism because sure you might not exist per se but the reality you experience is still something, ie digital or something else. And outside that is a brain and a computer that is just as real as anything else. So something does exist.

The only problem I see is turtles all the way down…that would suck.

So what if solipsism is true. Does it change your life? If so how?

Schizophrenia messes with your mind and perceptions. We think we have better philosophical insight but we don’t. I think its healthy to ignore and try to live your life.

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Sean Carroll tried to disprove or weaken the solipsism argument. Not sure I understand it. You can google it.

My main argument against it is two fold:

  1. It’s not useful. There are no inferences or deductions you can make about the world and how to deal with life.

  2. As an underlying premise it could cause you to think you can do things that you cannot or would cause you harm. For example why eat if food is not real

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But even abstaining from food, is just an idea.
My body and brain are ideas too. I am a witness to all. Not affected. Just observing as Subject of all, and everything is an object. Even “my self”

At the end of the day the philosophy contradicts the necessities of life. It’s these contradictions that Nullify it. Carried to its logical extremes it results in death

Maybe death, or a state of enlightenment. Who knows? No need to neglect anything or abstain or avoid or pursue or seek. Everything is in mind. Good and bad things. As in a dream

Any philosophy that is not promoting life and happiness is not something I would consider good. There are far more interesting philosophies to me and also far more beneficial.

If you were to just choose a philosophy to uphold based on the premise of giving you the best life you can have, would you choose solipsism?