Can you have conversations with your voices?

Or do they not interact with you?


i wouldn’t really call it conversations. I could modify them at one point but when left alone they would revert to their typical drabbling. I’m long past interacting with them they are just noise now and it’s fading a little more ever day. Thankfully.

Yes but I don’t because that’s counterproductive to my therapy

Have you ever considered the entity was with you before it started communicating with you?

No but now that I am it’s kinda creeping me out.

You mean maybe it was quitly observing for years hmm.

Maybe everyone has an entity guiding them

or tempting them in some cases

Yeah dude I don’t want to believe it. If you live in disagreement with your superconscious it might turn on you. I do believe it is just apart of ourselves though. At times it seems smarter than me and says exactly what it needs to to break me down or build me up. It’s just strange when it doesn’t feel like you. I ■■■■■■■ hope shut eventually gets back to normal for me.

Sometimes my entity will pretend to be girls I am attracted to and hit on me to raise my self esteem. But lately I’ve not been focusing on the entity and ignoring it. It feels bland. I think when I acknowledge the entity it awakes something inside me. I feel an energy enter me when the entity is active.

From my perspective, pretending the entities aren’t real is lame. You should deal with reality. You can’t hide from it, but you also have to be practical and realistic and have boundaries.

From my perspective, Socrates was experiencing the same thing with his daimon, but his daimon was good and we’ve been cursed with bad daimons. We can still get some guidance from their kind if we focus on opening positive door ways.

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You should deal with reality. Think that about that for a minute :wink:


Dude it’s all in your head man it’s just a part of you. We don’t have interdimensional portals in our brains. Consciousness is just a part of properly arranged matter. Sorry if that’s to bland for you.

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You guys have to admit you are the odd ones in the sense you’re atheists. The normal perspective is theism, especially for schizos. You are the minority.

You could actually explain the reason your “entity” exists by you having dissociated from reality because you may not have been able to cope with reality. And thus the fantasy of an imaginative entity is brought into existence.

I’m not making that up. It is possible

Go find someone in the majority then. It’s not like I really give a ■■■■. I believe in what’s right to me. Atheism feels great.

When I was an atheist I had bigger issues than I do now as a quote “schizo”.

That’s a scary thought process that could get someone that isn’t intellectually strong in trouble.

What’s a scary thought process?

I am just proposing a renewal of traditional beliefs metaphysically speaking.