Solipsism & Sz

did you ever have the delusion or experience that you are the only real being & you hallucinate all others?
in eastern theology all things are maya-illusions and only god-absolute is real. I too believe that all are maya, dream, horns of the hare, son of a barren woman, magic. Nothing else exists but this playful mind that hallucinates all the time.


it must be a common delusion. I had some variations of this theme: I am the only real being and all others are actors(beings with no soul) of God to test me. i am the only real being and all others are agents. I am the only real being and I dream of others.

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in greek philosophy too things and senses deceive us. and mind which is based on sensory information deceives us too.

in physics too. this world of three dimensions is a lie. time is an illusion.

everyone gives birth to a world of his own.
world is your baby and it looks like you.
we may live in same world but everyone lives in his own projection.

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Yeah good thought…

But what if it’s a brain disorder that affects your perspective? It’s your brain. It takes everything in and process’ everything in your world. What if that is faulty?

Learn to live logically. Most schizophrenics I know are pretty smart individuals…but we can be misled when it comes to thinking.

It is what it is friend! You know my thoughts on the process.


For readers who don’t know the definition of solipsism, here it is: “the belief that the only thing somebody can be sure of is that he or she exists, and that true knowledge of anything else is impossible.” Here’s my comment: Sometimes I have been so self-centered that I really only thought about myself and didn’t recognize or take interest in anyone else. But I never took it so far as a delusion. I don’t believe that I hallucinate other people.


It is not a delusion, it is a rationalist view.
Why should I believe in something without proof of its existence? :slight_smile:

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I’ve had many different forms of solipsism thoughts, but I don’t even consider it a part of my schizophrenia because so many normies experience it too and aren’t diagnosed…it hasn’t impacted my life much, its just a thing I ponder about.

Yes. I have had the thought that there is only one mind in the whole of existence and all of us are this mind, a single soul incarnated into every being that has ever existed and will ever exist. I used to believe that everyone is me and I am everyone.

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A big issue i struggle with is believing only certain people are real. I dont know how to make myself see this belief as incorrect but people tell me it is

Interesting, Lex7con. What an important question! Here is a plan for me. You could identify a person you think might not be real. Then talk to them, observe them, write to them–anything you wish, and see if you can see evidence that they really are a human being (what you call “real”). Using this method, I think we will find there is no such thing as a person who is not a real person.
I would be curious, if I had the time, to try to see if you think someone close to you fits this category of “not real.”

It is an interesting concept, and not impossible imho, however, I like to think that we share this world and the proof of coexistence is the fact that we share the dimensions of this reality. No one can fly for instance and we are all ruled by scientific constraints and that is how we know that others are not figments of the imagination, or someone could fly just because we can imagine it.

You could apply this theory of coexistence as a grounding process for delusional szs where hallucinations seem real but cannot be proved by a shared coexistence i.e. by anybody else in this realm. This is an argument against solipsism, or else you could lose yourself in vastness of the imagination and in reality be lost to the world altogether, for example, be living in a mental asylum imagining a whole universe in your head.

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The other people can’t prove that this ‘reality’ is real because they are part of it; they are not outside it and therefore their ‘sharing this reality’ (how do we know it? because we see them, but these visions may be illusions) doesn’t prove anything.

Even our dreams tend to follow these ‘scientific’ constraints, but they aren’t accepted as real. Why shouldn’t visions/illusions follow some constraints?

What if their disapproval of these hallucinations is another hallucination?


how true… there’s no argument against “all is dream/all is hallucination”.

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cos the argument itself would be another dream/hallucination.

Except that if you want to live an imaginary world you would be a fantasist. I eat an orange and I taste an orange. It neither flies or tastes of lemon. Good luck if you want to believe something different! All people will do is stick you on heavy duty drugs and the public will laugh at you.

Philosophy is fun for the mind, but extrapolating hallucinations as real is a step too far. I prefer to live in a shared reality that has limits and rules to existence that we all have to abide by, like gravity for instance.

Dreams are hallucinations, lsd is hallucinations and sz often means hallucinations. Believing in them as real will only cause you problems. It is all very well entertaining them as ideas and concepts, but in the land of the living where we all reside and are ruled by don’t try flying of a building because you believe this is all an hallucination, you may end up paralysed and then all you will have is an imagination.


what if dreams are dreams within a huge dream.
what if lsd hallucinations are hallucinations within a big hallucination. dream within a dream.
it makes sense. since life is perception only. tastes, that you said, are perception. a dream may last for a couple of minutes but you feel it as if it was longer. what if life is a dream of two minutes?

I strongly believe that world and life are perception only. there’s no matter. matter & spirit are perception only. as in a dream, places & people & situations are only mind. mind is the material.
and you can taste a lemon in your dream without even a lemon.

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modern physics someday will prove me right.
physics are in accordance with zen. every science is in accordance with zen. zen is not a religion. it’s realism.