This depressing life

I wake up, I play some video games, surf the web, my parents come home from work, I eat with them, surf the web some more, I go to sleep…


I’ll leave the house maybe to go out (rarely), or just keep repeating the same day over and over again.

Do you guys live a dull life? My life is so ■■■■■■■ boring, its incredible.

I keep thinking of that song by Nine Inch Nails - Everyday is Exactly the Same.

Schizophrenia is a bitch.


I feel like that at times, but I force myself to get to the gym or go mountain biking or skateboarding . It’s a motivation issue for me


I study ways to fight and defend myself from the voices that haunt me. I’ve been engrossed with talking about things because I haven’t ever done it…I sleep a lot, people think I’m lazy yet internally I can’t find energy at all. I’m depressed too, I try my best to avoid games because I feel it isn’t time to relax…it isn’t time to have fun…it’s time to strap myself into some weird G machine and do it again every single day. I’ve been doing a lot of guided meditations trying to renew my sense of worth and awareness.

Sometimes I wonder if we don’t have energy or if we just have trouble predicting the satisfaction we may get out of an activity.

Like it takes all my might to get myself to go mountain biking and the first 20 mins is just horrible then all of a sudden my energy comes and I’ve got plenty of energy to ride and my mood perks up. But 2 hrs after the ride I’m back to baseline no energy


That’s very insightful, never thought about things that way. I think I"ll do a pushup set every time I finish a youtube song for awhile.

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my life is pretty repetitive at the moment, try doing small things that make the difference in your day like drawing it helps me when im really bored and tired of repetiviness

I’m drinking. I feel like there’s about 30 govt agents in my house and I just dunno what’s real. I’m taking my meds, I got up and brushed my teeth, shaved I’m trying to get the basics down but I don’t even feel freedom in my own house. A lot of people tell me when I’m at home I’m most vulnerable and it makes sense. My own landlords are in my head beating me. Living seems to just be a threat sometimes.


The repetitive scenario is almost common I add to that the inability to build on previous experience and as if life stares one more time as I blink my eyes. It is horrible but I strongly think that if medical doctors are completely aware of all the symptoms that can really find a way out for self esteem build up. My Dr is refusing to give me CBT I don’t know why,he says I don’t need them although my self esteem and composition are very bad. Always look like I’m thoroughly thinking to others while on my mind there is a very stupid thing going on. Gosh I hate that sometimes I wish I can just wake up from this nightmare or just dye.

You should by a book on cbt, I just did I’m starting to practice it a bit

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How about going out and doing some volunteer work in an area you find interesting…


LevelJ1 - great to hear you’re trying it out. There are also lots of videos on it on Youtube:


Thank you for that

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I just have no motivation to do anything… I’m a lazy bum with schizophrenia, just happens to be that. :frowning:

I am actually grateful that my life has slowed down and that I don’t have many activities or responsibilities. That is, I think, only partly to do with my age (70). The rest is due to liking the predictable. It’s security. I get depressed when I think of human dilemas like sex with children, that I can do nothing about. I’m past denying they happen but I’m not past letting it bother me. So that takes up energy that might be better directed elsewhere.

Yes I drank a little at home. But sometimes it makes me more paranoid so be careful. Now I’m sobering up in time for bed and my Seroquel that always makes me fells better and fall asleep to get up and do it all over again.
I worked for the US Navy and believe in their mission but I am no longer a part of it and it is no longer part of me and I can just let it go.
I’ve been working over 25 years now in Chemistry but just started out washing test tubes and build up from there. I need a job to have a reason to get out of bed. I love it and they pay me too!

Do what you love and the rest will follow so they say.

Motivation is a B sometimes as takes doing more things to get more motivated. The hardest thing is starting but doesn’t take much. Try something like just getting out for a walk each day and work from there. Although it can take every bit of effort to get off the couch never mind out of the house some days. You will feel better after going.


Things change. Sometimes for the better. Life is a gamble.

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You’re totally right Nick.

Got out and had some sushi with my gf. good stuff, any of you like it?


go for a walk around the block with your headphones and up beat music you like…do this everyday…and go from there.
take care