Can't seem to stop doing "nothing"

I spend so much time doing nothing at all and it makes me sick literally.

I am working on this problem. anybody else here that does this?

I used to wake up in the middle of the night to “think” for hours… nothing much real, just delusions of persecution used to preoccupy me and to some extent still does.

Lord, I want to be well… Judy

I relate to that wanting to be well. The illness can last a long time. But I’m clear that my life is better than it was.


i know exactly how u feel judy. this last week and a half i have done absolutely nothing. i mean i’ve cooked a bit but mostly got take outs, put on a few loads of washing and drying, loaded and unloaded the dishwasher, fed the animals but that’s it. my house looks like a tip and i just lay here on my bed arguing with voices. what a crap life we’re leading right now huh. it’s almost like a paralysis with me. i so badly want to do stuff but haven’t got the motivation to do it at all. i haven’t taken the doogies out this week coz the weather has been so crap…maybe that’s y i’m feeling so shitty and useless. i hate this apathy but i have to force myself to do things. i always feel better after i’ve done something, even if it’s not enough to satisfy me, at least it’s something. i want to b a doing things person, not a sit and day dream person. it;'s a fight every single day just to get off the bed and do something.

good post judy xxx

Just because your not moving physically, don’t mean you’re not doing anything.
Thinking is something…sometimes it even leads to profound changes in the self.

It’s almost impossible for me to do things. Also I’m thinking all the time, but it’s mostly reliving the past - mostly other people’s lives - not my own , and living vicariously. It doesn’t feel productive but I can’t get my mind to shut up. It does keep me going, but in a gerbil wheel.

Every once in a while I try focusing my thought by simply paying attention - to my thoughts, things outside of me whatever catches my attention + follow what happens. Every once in a while I get down off the gerbil wheel.

I guess I strayed…I haven’t found a solution to the doing nothing. It’s something common to schizophrenia. You are not alone.

thanks for being company.

like thinking leads to profound changes we have to be careful and think with discipline. only mind control is dangerous. some happy medium somewhere, I myself cannot tell you where because I am not sure.

Jayne soon the sun will shine for us all here too. I am feeling positive about it.

my life is also much better than it was. but still, there’s a long way to go for me at least.


Ditto. My life is like two separate lives.When I was sick and hopeless for a couple years in my twenties. And now when I have a little peace. My hopeless part of life seems like a dream now. I pass the hospitals and group homes I stayed in 25 to 30 years ago and I think to myself, “Was I really that sick at one time”?

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I can’t think with discipline. I don’t think I have that capacity.

Maybe you could begin to accept your life the way it is, and grow from there. There’s such a treasure trove inside each one of us, lodged there in the mud. Outside too.

sorry, but we have dreams, expectancies and such…
off-course idle time too find yourself is also ok

Big wheels keepaturning so how we get stuck holding the load. Just why lasy normals.

Not very many normal people give gidedence a help out there felow man to ture these days.

I wasn’t talking to you.

lol pardon me then…

For a long time I did a lot of nothing. I learned though if I keep my hands busy with crochet or something that it really helps with my symptoms and I feel better for awhile. Explore your artistic side.