The reason to marriage


Different cultures and different religions and different people have different reasons for marriage.

Some are even forced into marriage by their own family.

Some people marry someone they are not romantic with but might be nice to each other.

Marrying someone because you are nice to each other and take care of each other despite no romance is there.
Like two friends but not best friends.

I was proposed to by a few men but never with a ring just them asking me…
I did not take them seriand was way to fuc### up.

My bf and I are not romantic together.
I realised that yesterday when he spoke of his friends girlfriend dying.

My boyfriend and I are like friends who take care of each other and are nice to each other and only have sex once every three months or possibly once a month.
I even took his wart inside of me.baaaaaaaaaa.hope I do not get one now.his gp told him to not remove it and that he can keep it.

My boyfriend and I have different beliefs,different sense of humour, different morals etc

His family and friends try bossing me about and think they are better than me and I do not think they treat me well enough.

I think about Anders and other XX
I think about the brown eyed man who I do not know who he is but he is the only man I have had eye contact chemistry with…we have same humour and beliefs …

I love :two_hearts: my boyfriend but I do not think I can ever marry him.

If I died he would get on with his life immediately which is good for him.

I can not afford to move out and I love :two_hearts: my boyfriend.we are good for each other in a way despite our differences.

I can not go vegan while living with him.

I want to marry romantically.

Is it enough to be nice to each other and take care of each other?

I mean that is something to be grateful for aswell.

I am grateful for my partner but I just do not think we will marry.

I love him very much.

Would you marry someone who was a friend or someone you have different beliefs and morals with but who was still nice to you and you take care of each other?

Do you need the sex in a marriage?

Would you marry for stability?

We both do not have not want children.

Most men on dating sites have or want children

I love :two_hearts: him so much but it’s not romantic.
We do not seem to have a romantic love but I still love that we take care of each other and do things together and help each other.
We might get fire wood together,weed together or I might assist him on a job he is doing to help him out.

We spend 50/50 on bills,food but also on renovation.
It is his place so if we break up he will get to keep renovations .
We bought a washing machine etc and he will get to keep those things too if we break up.

If we break up I will have my car but might not afford to rent even and I do not want to sleep in my car in this state as it could kill me.

My boyfriend is a very attractive man to me and he is also nice but we have different beliefs ,morals etc

I get angry his family and friends trying to make me in to a person I am not nor want to be.

They all think and believe the same and want me to be like them but I am proud to not be like them and I do not want them bossing me about n trying to change me.

My family want me to stay with my boyfriend because they think I am better since I met him except for my mum.

What reasons would you marry for?


I’ve never wanted to get married. (I can’t imagine it’s ever going to happen now anyway.)

I can’t think of any good reason for me to get married.


I’d marry for stability.

Romantic love seems like a fairy tale anyhow.


The reason to get married is to get children, that would be the reason to marry for me.


i will not marry again.


I could see myself marrying for companionship now that im getting older. I had feelings for 2 or 3 girls that were genuine when I was younger but I was afraid of marriage at that time, I just never considered that I would get older and that I would end up alone.

one girl I had feelings for couldn’t get pregnant, I was ok with that but I thought her drinking was the problem. I too drink sometimes but not everyday. she doesn’t even drink now and she is a vet assistant but I don’t think she would take me back. I tried to get her to leave this place and to join me living in the west but she was no longer interested in me at that point. I ran into her a couple months ago in town but didn’t say anything.

if I weren’t on meds I could have a lot more sex with my partner, like 3 or 4 times a week but on meds I think I can only go once a week or once every other week.


I don’t think anyone would want to marry me


I disagree with you.

You are gorgeouzzz and seem so nice too.

I think there would be some good people out there who would want to marry you.

I like to believe that everyone has someone good to and for them if they want.

Being Psychotic can make ones behaviour bad though…and cause one to isolate…etc

Wish you to feel loved and appreciated for who you are.



I don’t see myself ever getting married. I don’t think it suits me. Considering the kind of person I am I find the whole thing too much of a big deal. If I happen to come across someone who likes me n I like them then that’s cool. Doesn’t mean we need to make an oath to be together for life arghh that is just such a big statement to make an oath on. If we are together for life that’s cool but I don’t see the necessity to make a declaration on it it puts too much pressure onto the relationship.


It also makes breaking up a lot more difficult…having beauracratic stuff do deal with which just confuses me…


I’m not sure I would marry someone with different morals. But if I met a lady and she was of a different ethnicity than me, and a different religion I really wouldn’t worry about that.

I think the most important thing is character. Like how my potential partner treats other people, and me.


Warts aren’t contagious.


I know of a couple from India whose marriage was arranged. They have a good marriage


Genital warts are contagious. It’s a sexually transmitted disease called HPV, or human papillomavirus.


Before I got sick, I had a different frame of mind-- a different view of reality. I wanted to be rich, I was narcissistic, materialistic, only liked pretty women, etc. I would have married but only when the time was right and when I had a career and plenty of money. I always struggled with social skills. I never felt comfortable being around people. Always had anxiety or something. Never felt confident.

I guess I wanted kids but only when the time was right. I was a libertarian at the time before my illness.

Now, I’m too sick and disabled to have kids and to get married. I can barely take care of myself. I’m interested in women for obvious reasons but hope the future gets better someday. I’m hoping to lose weight and make money. I think women are like-minded too. There needs to be physical attraction. I’m more traditional in this sense.

Big turn offs include low IQ and really religious people, but I consider myself a Christian of sorts. I’m not interested in politics.

I like science a lot. I don’t enjoy TV at all. I used to enjoy learning (still do) and efficiency.


I married for love and companionship.


I would only marry if I have the basic need for sex from that perticular person.


I thought I had married my dream woman but later she revealed her true colors to me.

My ex wife was a nightmare to live with.
She was basically a borderline and a psychopath.

She abused me psychologically and has assaulted me physically more than once.

She tried to empty our bank account and steal my paychecks.

My ex wife has cheated on me during our marriage.

I will never marry again!!!


I agree with @Zilija. You seem very nice and you have a sense of humor @Spiderpig


I might have a low iq although my father who is obsessed with things like that thinks I am smart because his x said so.
I think I am brain damaged .
I can not have “intellectual conversation “ with people not about education stuff…
Talk with me has to be kept simple and short or I start blinking which my bf said means I can not process anymore information.

To not be able to stimulate people intellectually sucks but maybe my spirit can stimulate them …
Or something…

I thought it could be romantic to be romantic through death and after death.

I am not a member of any religion but I still believe as I do …

I want to know who the brown eyed man is because he is the only one I had eye connection with and it felt romantic.

Then there’s Anders who has warm eyes :eyes: and was so good to me.

I do not think my bf and I can be romantic.
He was romantic with his x.
Not with me though.

We have different beliefs,morals,humour etc etc
But we seem good to and for each other such as help each other out …remind each other to take meds, cook , be kind to each other , make coffee n food for each other …

I love him but he does not seem overly loving of me romantically.

His dr said he can keep the wart on his “love wand” lol
She said he does not have to remove it.
So I let it come inside me.
I have no std except herpes but I told him about that.
The dr said the wart could of been latent for twenty years…

It has been a peaceful and loving home.
We are kind to each other despite having different morals and beliefs etc

I adore his dogs.

I do not think I will ever marry.