I cannot leave him if he doesn't want to marry

one of my colleagues would tell me i should leave my partner if he doesn’t propose over the next two years…i should find someone else… as he is using me … but what for?

The last guy I dated would say I needed to change my appearance… and then he’d tell me he’s only saying that so that I feel better about myself…

But my partner is just someone else… never tells me how to dress or to wear make up or to lose weight…never forces things … i mean barely have sex but hes still here after two years … also never tells me I shouldn’t do something… gives his opinions if I ask but ultimately does not push things … never gets angry when I talk about what’s bothering me or my mental health and accepts my weirdness and does not make me feel I’m crazy… ok maybe he says I’m crazy but not in a mean way …

So he doesnt see what marrage will add … but we all have differences right? We just got to work through them… i guess what I’m saying is… i want marriage but I’d rather be with him marriage or not


I don’t think marriage is imperative to a healthy relationship. As long as you love each other and have a functioning thing going


I agree with @spiderpig marriage is not really important. You can still live together. Grow old together and have kids if you want.

I’m engaged and we are planning a child now. But honesty I couldn’t care less if we never marry. I know we will be together forever anyway.


Maybe the guy doesn’t believe in marriage. Maybe he has seen failed marriages (his own parents, or close relatives) or he counts himself among those who believe that marriage is a contract and has got nothing to do with love.

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My x boyfriend was the best partner but he did not believe in marriage but we lived together for 21/2 years happily.

He never got angry either and felt so stable.

I would have spent the rest of my life with him but left because I wanted to go vegan and my horse needed a better home and we never had sex the no sex I could live without though as he was so lovely a man .

My current partner does believe in marriage.
We have sex but he has such a temper and gets angry for no reason I wonder how such a marriage would or could work.

I love :two_hearts: the idea of sacred union and romance but you don’t need marriage to have that.

I wanted to marry too but maybe one can do a spiritual ritual.

I think I rather do a spiritual marriage with my partner and then you don’t have the drama of beauracracy.

I wanted to marry my partner since our first kiss and he makes me laugh but he has a temper and will he be faithful to me.

I think I might rather a romantic ritual.

Maybe you can say romantic words of commitment to each other without the paperwork?

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Definitely the last bit and I see his point … i want to be with him even if we never marry so i made my choice …


thats a good point actually… doesn’t have to involve a contract or paperwork

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What you want means something.

Why doesn’t he want to marry you?

I don’t get it?


I dont know i just know how he treats me… this one thing though I don’t understand it myself

he’s not said never but he doesn’t feel its the right time

Communicate this with him and find out the real reason.
You have the right to know @anon80629714

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I think part of the problem lies in the fact I said i would want a prenup earlier on… ive spoken to him but I always feel confused

You have the right to a prenup.
It’s a smart move

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A prenup isn’t just going to protect me , its a two way thing… i don’t even think I have as much as he does but that’s besides the point… thr point is realistically if things do go wrong we will both be ok


I get it…Im overweight…I bet I would be happier with my filipina ex if we could lose weight together

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