The reason to marriage


When I was young and not as burdened I could see myself married to a few people I knew. I didn’t consider what it would be like. Now I don’t want anyone with me all the time - constant interaction and no way out.


Sometimes I want to marry and other times I don’t. Marriage takes a lot of effort and I’m already exhausted just trying to get a job and take care of myself. I barely have enough energy leftover for taking care of my cat which I barely do the minimum for even though she is such a wonderful and loving cat and I love her so much. I am also concerned that if I marry a total nightmare then my life would become a living hell and I don’t think I could handle that. But then other times I wish I could find the man of my dreams and romance. My main reason for wanting to get married at this point is for companionship because my parents won’t live forever and I’m pretty sure at some point my siblings will marry too and I’ll die alone. I’m starting to think it might be more wise to get involved with some group if people deeply rather than marry because that is less risky. I was thinking today instead of spending all my time being lonely I could visit convalescent homes instead and just in general volunteer in my time off to connect with others and be less lonely. I don’t want kids so marriage really is just optional


it would be nice to have someone to buy me my favorite brand of peanut butter…



The people on here with partners are so lucky. I can never see that happening to me, I have not had a girlfriend since I was 16.


Good post as I’m having “issues” with things myself. The last comment he said was “I don’t need Yut, but you need me”…thinking, do I truly?


Marriage suits some n not bro for example is getting married next year and it really suits him.


Give it time, Fo reals…I’ll drop that negative speak cuz I’m sure some are irritated


Lol, I don’t even know wat that means I’m slow


Was editing haha, my confusing typo :hugs:


if he has a wart on his penis
you need to get him to have it removed
might be easier said than done
but you probably have them as well now

it is a painful thing if they spread
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i think its more of a celebration of the relationship and vows are said which are so good to tell your love of your life you will be there until the end, in sickness in health, for ever and ever, if i ever meet my perfect girl i’d like to say that to her, not straight away but you know, just got to find her now.


My sister and brother in law are so happy together it makes me jealous sometimes because I don’t think they treat me that nice. And there’s two of them one of me. I feel I am more humble than them because I struggle more often. Seriously I don’t get how they could be mean to me. I would never be mean to them. My parents are happy they’re just stupid but nice so I’m not jealous of them. But everyone in my family has found their like soul mate practically besides me. I dunno can’t imagine marrying yet cuz never had a real relationship w/ a girl so not there yet.


They are mean to you because they can. Just let it go, it’s not worth the energy. You are a good person, and sometimes families are the quickest to pass harsh, cruel judgement which can be worse-since they’re “blood”. Be true to yourself @Gratitude


Even if I could I wouldn’t be mean to them though.


I’m not saying be mean


I know I’m just saying their nature is way different than mine. Like what’s wrong with them?? I guess they’re deep down really insecure :worried:


Yes, sometimes the way people treat you, has absolutely nothing to do with you. It’s their issues…ya are on the right path :wink:


Never mind. Gjhddh.


I’m no good at relationships, marriage is not for me, been alone over 30 years


I don’t dress right, and I don’t always bathe, and I get lots of voices in my fan,

and I take up to 15 meds a day

if I can do it, you can too. Sometimes a friend will come around,

and maybe something more. You never know. I follow your comments,
and I think you should realize, many women won’t judge you.