I should chill

So me and my partner have now been together almost 2 years!!! :flushed: Time goes so quickly.

I have been thinking about marriage … I also think that if he’s not ready and I push him into his heart won’t be in it. And that’s pretty pointless and makes it less real.

I am not religious. So why am I even wanting this. What good is it going to do other than for financial reasons I don’t even want anything from him that’s why i brought up doing a prenuptial thing. So what’s the point to it all other than other people want this for me and it’s what’s expected? :flushed: I don’t think it’s what I want or need ,more so whAt other people think I should do so I wanna do it.

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Is forced on us from such a young age that we’re expected to get married. Just like we’re expected to go to school, get a job, move out, get married, have kids, etc.

Breaking those ingrained steps is hard to do. It’s why so many of us have a hard time dealing with not being able to finish school. Or not being able to work.

Because it’s all so expected of us. But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can follow your own path. :heart:


It can be hard trying to figure out if it’s something I want or something people want of me. I know there is a pressure everywhere but marriage in Asian culture is regarded very sacred which makes this hard. Because there’s a lot of pressure I mean yes I can get married , but that’s not gonna shut people up. Next it will be kids. I don’t want kids.

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Are you planning to be a childless couple? Have you discussed that with him?

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Yes we’ve discussed it already we might be moving around in the future and he’s not certain he wants kids either. He isn’t sure he can take on the responsibility as he says he just about can take care of himself.

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