Onset of schizophrenia

When my sister was 20 years old she started to suffer from schizophrenia and in the year prior the onset she had many stressfull Life events.
After the onset and in particolar when she recovered from the onset of schizophrenia, she said to me that when she was a teenager (10-16 years) she just had sometimes visual disturbances and blurried vision.
Basing on the actual knowledge of the illness and basing on all theories about schizophrenia, is possible to say that maybe stressful Life events preceding the onset may not have been a trigger factor of the illness and the causes of illness are maybe others?

SZ is 80% genetic. Most of the other 20% is drugs like weed, cocaine, etc. Stress, trauma and child abuse are not significantly causes of SZ.
They are more causes of mood, dissociative and personality disorders which are are all less disturbing than SZ.

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Tobacco and cigarette can have a trigger effect?

No, nicotine actually helps SZ. I vape 40mg nicotine, it motivates me, improve my focus, cognition and relaxes, removes stress, me.

Don’t smoke cigaretts thought, they cause lung cancer. Small vapes are 95% healthier than cigaretts.

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Im sure abuse, life events but perhaps also subtler things like the way families communicate or whether you fit in your peer group play a role in the development of schizophrenia. I thought i read somewhere social isolation, stress, trauma cause changes in your dopamine and serotonine systems.

I also think people can be born more or less resilient to such things.

The thing is that SZ itself causes social isolation and many other issues. Its not social isolation that causes SZ. Yep, genetics are too powerful and we can’t control them yet. Hitler was killing schizophrenics because he said their genes can’t be repaired. Well I am sure one day we will have better SZ medications.

I dont think it is an either/or thing…

I think sz causes isolation, but also isolation and trauma can increase the risk of developping schizophrenia. I think it is both genes and environment and which plays a bigger role varies per person.

I was the only one of my siblings who was abused, and also the one who got sz. The others are fine. I got issues right after abuse, and they worsened with more abuse. Before that i wasnt anxious or isolated at all. With healing trauma stuff, my anxiety and delusions improve.

Idk Research and scientists say SZ is mostly genetic 80%. I know twins who both developped SZ without being abused. Abuse does worsen recovery more than it causes SZ. For example, if you developped SZ and your parents throw you out of the house because of your SZ then of course your recovery will be worse.

I just think it varies…

People get sz without abuse.
People also get sz due to abuse, while otherwise they would have been okay.

The reason im always fighting for people to recognize the role of environmental factors, is because (here at least) they use the genes story to give up on people and deny them therapy and such. I improved loads and loads with healing trauma and becoming more social, it deeply lessened my delusional symptoms (to the point of barely needing meds) and i didnt even get therapy because of the genes story.

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Who denied you therapy? That’s illegal and you can legally pursue them. At lest here in Canada.
My psychiatrist is nice and told me that its highly genetic and that meds are only good for positive symptoms. He said its very complex to make a good med because it has to act differently on different receptors in different brain locations.

Xanomeline gives me hope because its the 1st and only med that improves all SZ symptoms, positive+negative+cognitive. It will be in Phase 3 clinical trials end of this year but it will take 10+ years to be sold in Canada😔

The big psychiatric club here that everyone is court ordered to. Im actually trying to sue them, but they refuse to send my file to my lawyer or me (for 1.5 years).

I think they should help people solve their major issues (trauma, bad relationships, addiction, homelessness, etc) before concluding they are genetically predisposed for sz and cant heal.

That is interesting, this med! I hope it helps people…too bad it will take so long. :frowning:

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