Schizophrenia in one's family poll

A family includes your immediate family plus aunts, uncles, cousins etc. Do you have other family members who has/have schizophrenia?

  • Yes
  • No

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I know of no one in my family or family history with schizophrenia.


cousin had schizophrenia

other cousin on my other side has schizoaffective

no. why me? 151515

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I’m the only one.

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Not schizophrenia. But me, my sister, one brother, and my mom, all have schizoaffective disorder. My mom’s dad (my grandfather) might also have schizoaffective disorder. He is always talking about delusional things.

No, but there’s a lot of mood disorders and self medication


Well, my grandma told me that
a cousin of my father’s had sz.
Other than that, none

No schizophrenia but sleep problems.

No one in my family has been schizophrenic, but possibly someone on my mom’s side at some point? It’s suspected, but that family were all migrant farm workers so no real medical care to be had.

Yes, father, grandfather on father’s side, great uncle on father’s mom’s side

I have an uncle and three cousins who have schizophrenia. Unfortunately it runs in the family on my dad’s side.

I have a cousin on my mom’s side of the family that has Sz.

I don’t know as after my dad killed himself, me and my mum were cut off from his family

It was a catholic family so he had like 10 brothers and sisters

Do not know them since I was 3

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My father developed late onset schizophrenia but it was called acute psychosis In the early 70s.

My great great great grandpa was institutionalized 4 schizophrenia. he was great.

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My uncle killed himself in a mental institution and his brother, my dad, was hospitalized briefly but got over his mental illness without medication. He never revealed if he was diagnosed schizophrenic but he got wacky sometimes and has an unexplored darkside. I’m proud of him.

This poll was good. I was a little surprised. Basically it is almost the same percentage in both options which means that the chance of having schizophrenia is not so much linked to the family genetics as it could have been thought. Getting sz without any family history is as probable as getting sz with some family history. This surprised me a little.

No sz, but depression is highly prevalent in Korean society and as a result my cousins have depression.

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