The origins of schizophrenia

I make up for the people lying about their drug use. I’m incredibly open about it

I had symptom before I drank alcohol, smoked nicotine, did drugs, weed, or even coffee

I believe if I drank coffee growing up I wouldn’t have got schizo as bad but I could be wrong

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And nobody asks many szs when they admitted to hospital if they ever used drugs. Some people even cant remember if one joint made them psychotic 6 months after, cause first sz symptoms take time to appear. My pdoc is harshly against alcohol and inderstand why. I think its % of drugs how affect a person negatively. If one starts become more and more paranoid on weed i think its more likely that persons develops sz. If one keeps having bad trips on lsd, again this person is more likely to become sz. I think it could also be used to stress and anxiety if one is exposed to one or few situations that ibnduces them fear, stress and anxierty then i think that person is more likely to develop sz. I think also its genetic to some extent. I just think the main trigger is drugs. I bet there were some sz people that avoided these bad drugs or situations and never got their sz triggered until the end of their days

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Yeah caffeine is legal stimulant and works similarly as an amphetamine which sounds scarrier

There’s also childhood onset. Surely not every child with Sz has done drugs.

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What? Are you serious?
Are you serious about any of this?

False. In ever hospital I have been in, they’ve asked. Most others will tell you the same.


And they never believed me when I said no, even after my tox scan was negative.


At least in mt country nobody asked or was on any records. It was only put on a record after my 4th hospitalization thag i admityed using cannabis, they had and have no idea thag i used mdma, coke and psychadelics. Most doctors arent interested and nurses are only intetested if you dont annoy everybody around you. In hospitals they do an urine drug test. If you havent smoked a joint in 3 weeks then nobody will ever ask if you used drugs

I even had a pdoc that insisted every client was tested, urine, before sessions. He wouldn’t consider you if not. He also worked in a drug rehab, but the clinic I went to fired him because of how he treated everyone like a drug addict.


OK. Here it is a standard question in all psych treatment on first appointments. And you will be asked hundreds of times as a sz patient. Mental health professionals are required to ask.

Plus, there’s tons of research on this.

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Then if sz is nor caused by drugs, then whh do they care so much? If you used coke 2 days ago yoi might feel shitty, but its not if they are gonna give you another 2 lines to feel better…

Because things can be bad even if they don’t cause one of the most severe illnesses we have.

You would still go through wirhdrawals whatever you used… and if you already have sz then why ask? Also like mods said there are tests to show. And according yo your beloved articles drug induced psychosis goes away when the drug is completely cleared

Basically you don’t understand schizophrenia. That’s ok. Even doctors don’t.

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Yes that’s pretty much the consensus.

Its really easy to give sz diagnosis, not on drugs currenrlt and delusional? Paranoid sz it is.

They say it aggravates symptoms. Not that it’s necessarily the cause.

Once a cucumber becomes a pickle ….then it can’t tolerate everything the same especially when some drugs kind of accelerate into psychosis. It’s the mystical people seek but most don’t get psychosis. We’re rare. But people get it in many different ways. Drugs specifically lsd and Wellbutrin and alcohol definitely made my psychosis worse. But I don’t think weed was ever too bad for me but that’s besides the point. But i has mental health issues since I was young maybe not sza till I did had a bad acid trip but I don’t think everyone gets it that way

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Right now if i take one hit of a joint i would become temporarily blown blown psychotic

Sounds like you have a pretty shitty doctor because that’s not how you’re supposed to do it at all.

Well im from ex-communist country where doctors kinda get used to throw sz diagnosis to the left and right. But they were right with my diagnosis. The problem i had with a western pshychiatry when i had 10 meetongs with a specialists and still got diagnosed with drug induced psychosis without performing the urine test